Neighbors In Need,” Asking For Donations To Assist Residents Impacted By Lynnhill Condominiums Impediment


Lynnhill Condominiums management has failed to keep their public utility bills up to date. The past utility bills tally up to more than $1 million, forcing the Prince George’s County Department of Permitting, Inspections, and Enforcement (DPIE) to distribute “Notice to Vacate” letters to all the tenants on the 26th of October. This unfortunate situation causes grave concern in the community and to make matters worse, the residents only have 72 hours to vacate the premises. After the 72 hours, the County will close the property and residents will not be allowed to reenter, without special permission.Various local government entities, Prince George’s County Police, and Fire/EMS Department, and faith community representatives were on site and will remain there to ensure the impacted residents’ safety. Lynnhill Condominiums has a total of 219 apartments, with 77 of them being occupied. The Department of Family Services (DFS) and Department of Social Services (DSS) have joined forces to interview and assess all 77 households.

Some of the impacted residents have been relocated to short-term housing. The Prince George’s County Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and DSS continue to inventory housing resources and assisting impacted residents find long-term housing.

Many of the impacted residents do not have the financial resources to secure temporary storage, lodging, or long-term housing. The Prince George’s County Community Foundation established the “Neighbors in Need” fund, so community members can make donations to assist the Lynnhill residents. For those interested in making a contribution, please visit The Community Foundation website:

County officials will continue to make the residents’ property accessible to them as long as necessary. An access plan will be posted today and law enforcement will continue to monitor the premises and DSS and DFS will remain on site until further notice.

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