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NCIS: Los Angeles season 13 is finally here. It’s been a year since NCIS: Los Angeles aired its last episode on CBS, but now it has returned with the thirteenth season. There are many NCIS fans out there who can’t wait to see what happens next in the series, and we’re excited too!

There are so many things that you may be wondering about NCIS LA Season 13 before watching it for yourself. We’ll try to answer some of those questions below, as well as give you information about when NCIS: Los Angeles will air on TV this fall.

What is the release date of NCIS: Los Angeles

season 13?

CBS announced that Season 13 of NCIS LA would premiere on October 10th. That means that people who like the show will have to wait until September 27th to watch it because it premieres after NCIS’ 19th season on September 20th. NCIS will change time slots. It will be on Mondays instead. This is different than NCIS: LA which will not change time slots and stay on Sundays.

The show NCIS will be coming back this fall with a new show. The original one is still on TV and has been successful. This new show will be about the people in Hawaii.

NCIS LA Season 13 (2021): Premiere, Cast, Spoilers, News

What is the plot of NCIS: Los Angeles season 13?

In the NCIS: LA season 12 finale, we saw the happy ending. After an odd case about dolphins and more Russian involvement, Fatima has a heart-to-heart with Roundtree and admits why she’s been in a bad mood all day as she tries to cope with the anniversary of her best friend’s death. Sam watched his son’s flight test. Kensi and Deeks had a picnic on the beach. It was disappointing that Eric Beale and Nell Jones, the team’s technical operator and intelligence analyst, will not be back next season. They are going to Tokyo to run Eric’s cybersecurity company.

The finale had the return of Hetty. Kilbride was trying to get Nell to take over as Operational Manager, and he was disappointed when Hetty came back. Season 12 had a happy and no strings attached finale. That means there are not any leads for Season 13’s plot. The writers can use it as they want.

Who will be starring in NCIS: Los Angeles

season 13?

Most of the stars of NCIS: LA will be on the TV show in Season 13. Chris O’Donnell (Grisha “G” Callen) will come back to be a senior agent. LL Cool J will come back to work with Sam. They will work together and help solve crimes. Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen will also come back. Daniela is married to Marty Deeks. Linda Hunt will come back. She left on a mission, and now she is back. She will be the Operational Manager. Two new agents are also coming to the team, and they are Medalion Rahim and Caleb Castille.

The NCIS: LA show will have some changes in Season 13. In the Season 12 finale, the OSP members Eric Beale and Nell Jones rode off into the sunset as they left for their new jobs in Japan. Two characters left the show NCIS: LA. Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith want to work on other projects for some time so they can spend more time on those. Gerald McRaney is going to be a regular character on the show now.

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