MTA Encouraging Parents, Students To Become Familiar With New City Bus Routes Before September 5


In an effort to bring awareness to the Governor Larry Hogan’s new initiative, BaltimoreLink, Maryland Transportation Administration is urging early preparedness.

BaltimoreLink, a complete rebranding and overhaul of the city’s core transit system, went into effect in June. The $135 million initiative was part of an effort to improve reliability and service quality, as well as strengthen connection between rail and MTA’s bus routes.


On September 5th, nearly 27,000 Baltimore City school students will utilize BaltimoreLink bus routes to get to school. The changes are expected to be complicated for all students, but even more for those enrolled in schools outside their neighborhoods. To ensure a smooth transition for students, MTA will distribute a “student rider guide” to every parent and student possible and “blanket the streets” to assist students to assess the proper bus route.

MTA employees reached out to students and parents at registration events, camps and back-to-school rallies during summer break. The Baltimore City School System joined the effort, by alerting parents and students through e-newsletters, robocalls and text message alerts.

Please click here to access BaltimoreLink schedules.

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