Mia Khalifa has revealed that she finally underwent nose surgery

Mia Khalifa gave a hilarious reaction to her ‘death hoax’ spread by Twitter user

Mia Khalifa has recently come across a tweet of her committing suicide while she was interacting with her fans. Today we are here to uphold how the sports commentator reacted to it. Mia Khalifa was seen to come across her death hoax on Twitter. One of the Twitter users has tried to spread the news that Mia Khalifa has committed suicide. Well, Mia, however had to say to it. This is how she reacted before her fans. Take a look at the hilarious reaction of Mia Khalifa.

While interacting with her fans, Mia Khalifa had to come across a tweet that said, “Very Shocking……. Mia khalifa commits suicide.RIP #miakhalifa.” Mia Khalifa recently reacted to the post and said that nobody should be thinking as if she is not keeping a track of each of her friends that haven’t sent condolence flowers yet. You can go to her Twitter handle and see how she reacted! 

Please don’t think I’m not keeping track of each of my friends that haven’t sent condolence flowers yet. I see you twats. https://t.co/8dyyYnZhUc

Mia Khalifa and underwent nose surgery

Recently, Mia Khalifa has revealed that she finally underwent nose surgery. She had even shared a video where she was seen to be contemplating the fact that she should do it or not. Later in the video, she was seen with a bandage wrapped around her nose in order to make it evident that she finally did it. On that same post, she wrote, “Not hiding behind any trees here@DeepakDugarMD has changed my life, thank you.” Fans really appreciated her and also demanded to see what the result was after her nose gets healed. 

Nevertheless, Mia Khalifa has been isolating with her husband Robert Sandberg amid the coronavirus outbreak. The duo is too often seen to make TikTok videos and sharing cute pictures. The fans were really happy to see her getting married to her long time boyfriend Sandberg in the year 2019. Mia Khalifa did leave the adult industry quite a few years back. Mia had even revealed that she has been under stress even after she did quit the industry because of the people who were around her and how they look at her.

Mia Khalifa Pictures on Instagram

We even saw that Mia Khalifa shared a picture of herself on Instagram where she mentioned that she was interviewed by Ash Sarkar where she has told her story as well. In the picture, she was seen wearing a white shirt that was paired with white shorts. Her look was amped up with a chunky neckpiece. Mia Khalifa was looking really adorable in that look with minimal makeup and a sleek hairstyle. She posted the picture with the caption, “Link in my bio to read my interview with @ayocaesar for @heromag. Thank you for seeing me for who I am and hearing my story ♥️ hair and makeup by @jaime.creates photography by @rendersbyreine styling by @donnalisa00”

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