MD Police: K-9 Unit Adds 4 New Drug Detection Dogs

The Maryland State Police Special Operations Division has announced that it has added four new K-9 teams trained explicitly in drug detection. The new canines and their Maryland State Police handlers graduated from a 14-week-long intense training program that developed their ability to detect controlled, dangerous substances, including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and ecstasy.

The K-9 Unit is essential to the Maryland State Police’s efforts to combat drug trafficking and keep the communities safe. The new additions to the unit will help enhance its capabilities and increase its effectiveness in detecting and preventing drug-related crimes.

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Colonel Woodrow W. Jones III, the Superintendent of the Maryland State Police, praised the K-9 Unit for its exceptional work and dedication to keeping the communities safe. He emphasized the importance of the unit’s work, saying that “the K-9 Unit is a vital part of our law enforcement efforts, and we are proud to add these new canines to our team.”

The Maryland State Police is committed to using all available resources to combat drug trafficking and keep the communities safe. The K-9 Unit is just one of the many tools the police department uses to achieve this goal. With four new drug detection dogs, the K-9 Unit is better equipped to detect and prevent drug-related crimes in Maryland.

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