Maryland Zoo Is Preparing For A New Nocturnal Feline Exhibit in 2017


The Maryland Zoo is comprised of a 135-acre park, with more than 1,500 mammals, birds (200 species), reptiles and amphibians. The Zoo opened to the city public in 1876, making it the third oldest zoological park in the nation. Over the years, the Zoo changed operators several times, resulting in a new independent and semi-private operation. The Zoo gained awareness through the Dr. Arthur Watson’s promotions and television programs. Today, the Maryland Zoo is a topnotch premiere zoological experience like no other.


The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore


According to a statement released by president and CEO of the Maryland Zoo, Don Hutchinson, renovation is underway to make room for a new 770-square-foot bobcat exhibit. The first occupant will be a male bobcat that was rescued by a fisherman in Oregon. In June, the 6-week old kitten only weighed about 2 pounds, when it was taken in at the Oregon Zoo. The bobcat was named Kilgore after Kilgore Falls in Rocks State Park.

The fox exhibit will be repurposed, transforming it into a new home for the nocturnal felines. The new bobcat exhibit is expected to open in spring of 2017 and will be located near the otter exhibit.

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