Maryland State Police Identify Victims In Fatal Charles County Collision


Three people were fatally injured in a collision in Charles County Saturday morning.

Approximately 2 a.m., a trooper traveling southbound on Route 925 north of Route 5 observed a Honda Civic exiting a parking lot onto southbound Route 925, pulling in front of her patrol car.

Trooper Of Maryland

The Honda continued traveling on Route 925 and proceeded through a red light traveling southbound for about 300 yards, when the trooper activated her emergency equipment in an attempt to pull it over. The vehicle continued driving over the 35 mph speed limit on the wrong side of the road.

The Honda suddenly traveled to the correct side of the road and served onto the right shoulder at excessive speeds. The driver briefly pulled over the shoulder, as if to stop the trooper, but accelerated hard instead, fleeing the traffic stop, according to the report.

After the vehicle passed Smallwood Drive, it accelerated to speeds up to about 100 mph. Just past Bilingsley Road, it hit a concrete median. All three occupants were pronounced deceased at the scene.

The vehicle became airborne after colliding with the median and eventually came to rest after hitting a tree. Investigators believe alcohol and speed was the contributing factors of the collision.

The operator of the Honda Civic was identified as 28-year-old Sollan Belina of North Carolina. Two passengers of the vehicle were identified as 24-year-old Luis Daboin of Hughesville and 24-year-old Joseph Nystrom of North Carolina. Troopers believe Belina and Nystrom were visiting Daboin.

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