Maryland Pastor Compares Ariana Grande’s Support For Gay People To A Suicide Bombing


In May, Britain experienced a tragic terrorist attack that left 22 people dead and more than 100 injured. While such tragedies are felt around the world, a pastor from Maryland turned his attention to the singer on the stage, when the attack occurred.

During a sermon earlier this month, David Whitney told his congregants that the real danger was Grande’s support for the rights of the LGBT community. Whitney, a member of the Institute on the Constitution, said that Grande became successful because she made a deal with the devil.“Everything she stands for is quite eye opening. She is an open advocate for sodomy,” Whitney said. “She was raised, actually, in a Christian household but now clearly rejects everything that Christianity stands for and she states that she did so for a particular reason – because her brother is a sodomite and so, Christianity she threw out lock, stock and barrel for that reason.”

Whitney went on to warn Grande’s fans that they may be led to a very “dangerous place.”

“We can measure accurately the damage that the suicide bomber accomplished – we can count the body bags, we can read the list of those in the hospital recovering from their injuries that the suicide bomber caused,” he said. “It is far more difficult to measure the damage done by this dangerous woman. Exactly how many souls has she led down the path of destruction?”

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