Maryland Natural Resources Police Continue Search For Silver Spring Man Drowned At Swallow Falls State Park

On August the 14th, Maryland’s Natural Resources Police confirmed it would resume its search for a missing Silver Spring man this morning. The 24-year-old is believed to have went swimming at the Swallow Falls State Park located in Garret County.

Authorities believe that the man drowned yesterday. After authorities were notified of the possible drowning, they began searching for the victim’s body. The search was suspended last night, but will pick back up this morning.

Maryland Natural Resources PoliceThe 24-year-old victim is believed to have been swimming with friends in the lower falls. At approximately 3:30 PM, the victim began struggling to remain afloat. It is believed that the hydraulics of the waterfall and above-average river flow made it difficult for the victim.

Friends and bystanders initiated a rescue attempt, but the victim went under and did not resurface. The search and rescue effort ended at 9 PM last night and will continue this morning. The Natural Resource Police will continue investigating the matter.

Update: Maryland Natural Resources Police announced that their rescue team recovered the body approximately 9 a.m. Monday morning. Victim was identified as 24-year-old Giancarlo J. Garcia.

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