Maryland impostor arrested on charges of human trafficking in Florida

Maryland impostor arrested on charges of human trafficking in Florida

In a spine-chilling incident, that has sent shock waves across Maryland; a rapper has been charged of human trafficking. He is currently in custody on the basis of allegations, the authorities reported.

Monriko Clements man indulges in heinous crime. Here’s how it all started:-

The news originates when Monriko Clements who is also popular as King Swuice gets in touch with a lady on a dating site. The 23 old women who started to believe him actually sold her for sex in Florida. The investigators further added that he started to keep the money himself from the money the lady started earning through commercial sex.

Clements had nefarious intentions right from beginning. He was good with marketing strategy, where just after meeting her online; he started arranging with his heinous set up. She made the mistake of believing him. The lady was jobless and Clement promised her easy and fast money through selling her body that is prostitution. However, the bone of contention turned out to be the amount roughly $20,000 which he kept with himself that the lady earned.

The authority breaks the information through press conference

Katherine Fernandez Rundle who is the State Attorney in Miami-Dade County held a press conference to enlighten the masses of the developments which led to the arrest of the impostor.

The lady was in complete distress as she knew that she had to come out of the hollow promises which the man has made in the beginning. She was waiting for the right move to escape from the clutches of the devil.

However, she narrowly escaped death on jumping out of a movie car since she couldn’t possibly escape his clutches in any other way. She was badly beaten and she started developing suicidal thoughts as per the version of the police.

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