Maryland Couple Behind ‘DaddyOFive” Face A Maximum 10-Year Prison Sentence For Child Neglect


A YouTube account created by Maryland couple has been highly criticized by people across the country. The videos displayed actions of what many refer to as “child abuse.”

Michael and Heather Martin of Frederick County could be seen destroying a gaming console and berating their children for spilling invisible ink. One of the children suffered a bloody nose after being shoved into a bookcase. While the parents defended their actions, saying the videos were often scripted and pranks, Frederick County prosecutors did not take their actions lightly.

Michael And Heather Martin

On July 27, prosecutors charged the couple with two counts each of neglect of a minor. They face a maximum fine of $5,000 per charge and a maximum five-year prison sentence. A plea hearing is scheduled for September 11.

Rose Elizabeth Hall, mother of two of the children, notified law enforcement when she discovered the videos in October 2016. In May, she was awarded temporary custody of the children, according to a YouTube video created by Hall and her attorney.

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