Man charged with kidnapping, raping and burying Texas teen alive is executed

   In what could be termed as one of the heinous crimes, a man was charged with not just raping a teen but also dousing her to flames, killing her instantly. The Texas girl was buried alive as she was doused with gasoline. The accused was executed on Thursday after a long court battle expanding two decades. 

Orlando Hall, aged 49 was declared dead after being given a deadly injection at 11:47 ET at the federal prison complex in Terre Haute, Indiana. 

As part of his final words, just before his death, he thanked those who had been a support to him. He also told his supporters to take care of themselves and left a message for his kids, that he loved them. 

Even as the Hall’s lawyers tried to counter the Supreme Court execution saying he was a victim of racial bias and his sentencing isn’t based on the execution protocol, but that has been vehemently denied by the Supreme Court.

Soon after the drug was administered, he experienced a series of weaknesses where he yawned a bit with short labored breaths. He lay still and this was the time, when the official came with a stethoscope to check, whether he is alive.

He was declared dead officially. 

Hall was one of the five men to have been convicted for abducting and murdering Lisa Rene way back in 1994.

As per the Federal Court, Hall was trafficking marijuana in Pine Bluff Arkansas. Based on his business dealings, he gave $4,700 to the two brothers of the victim for giving him marijuana. 

However, as per the reports, the men cited that they have been robbed.  However, it was hard for Hall to figure that out and based on the whereabouts of the brother, he reached the location only to find Lisa Rene

 She was studying but the accused forcefully got into.

She did call 911, but the man already disappeared with the lady even before the police arrived.

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