Make Your Existing Lock “Smarter” Without Compromising On Security


Many consumers are hesitant about investing in Smart devices, because they are vulnerable to security breaches. With limited cybersecurity functionality and the additional voice activation capability, the devices become even more vulnerable. Since IoT devices utilize the Internet to communicate with each other, users are exposed to potential unprotected devices outside the home.

Device manufacturers work diligently to keep prices to a minimum, which is great for the consumer, but it doesn’t come without compromise. The devices may lack layers of encryption and antivirus software to keep the data secure.Retrofitted locks, such as the August Smart Lock, Poly-Control Danalock and Kwikset Kevo Convert, allows people to make their existing lock “smarter”, without needing to replace the deadbolt or keyset. Several of these locks come with multiple adapters and components that make them compatible with top brand deadbolts. The installation process entails replacing only the thumbturn that is located on the inside face of the door. The retrofit design is much safer than other designs that require replacing the entire deadbolt.

To protect users’ accounts, Smart Home manufacturers utilize 128-bit AES software encryption and two-factor authentication for account login. This financial-level digital security will keep the data secure, but you should also password protect your wireless Internet connection. Create a strong password that hackers cannot crack, with special characters, alphabets and numbers.

Utilizing the Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) protocol instead of the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol only makes since, because WEP is weak and can be compromised very easily.

You can also create two Wi-Fi networks, one for your Smart devices and the other for your laptops, tablets and computers. Instead of utilizing a simple name for your Wi-Fi network, make the name more obscure, because you don’t want to empower the hacker with your personal information.

Download and install security software on the smartphone or tablet that is utilized to control your connected gadgets. Every step will take you closer to creating a more secure home network and connected devices.

One thing is for sure you cannot rely on the manufacturer to protect your personal information. However, you can utilize the tools they give you and enhance them to make your home network and Smart devices more secure.

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