Main benefits of roofing CRM software

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As practice shows, the advantages of the CRM-system completely cover its disadvantages, subject to the correct choice of this software and consistent actions for its implementation. The use of a CRM system  crm roofing allows not only to significantly increase profits, but also to increase customer loyalty, simultaneously increasing the speed of order processing.

CRM is used for interaction between business and consumers. This is a computer program that will not replace a manager or a salesperson, nevertheless, thanks to it, sales growth increases significantly, they are carried out faster and with greater effect. To appreciate all the advantages of the CRM system, you can consider an example with its application.

Steven is planning a vacation in one of the southern countries. On social networks, he finds groups of travel agencies and writes a message to one of them about his plans. Agency # 1 is represented by manager Mike. He rarely goes online, because he prefers to work in the way he is accustomed to – by phone or in person at the agency’s office. Naturally, he does not see Stephen’s application, and he, without waiting for an answer within a couple of hours, leaves it to another travel agency.

The manager of this company, Jake, uses CRM in his work. After the group has received an application, the system notifies Jake, and he immediately begins to communicate with Stephen in the community through private messages. After consultation, the system will give a signal in the same way that you need to send the customer the options for tours that may be of interest to him, and then, when he chooses the appropriate one, invite him to draw up an agreement. Then the client will receive notifications from CRM weblink about changes in the status of his application – booking confirmations, visa readiness, other documents, etc.

The example shows that thanks to the system, the company gets loyal customers, the growth of repeat sales increases, but that’s not all, because other performance indicators of the company automatically grow.

Benefits of CRM system 

Everyone who implements the system in their activities notes how much progress in work is increasing. Even the standard program has many advantages that are obvious to managers and employees: 

  1. A large number of functions. Any part of the business can be under the control of the system – personnel, finance, communications, projects, etc. 
  2. Process automation. It is possible to sell goods and services automatically, excluding human intervention, in which errors and delays in the process are possible. 
  3. Consolidated customer base. The system collects all data on the business into a single whole, only certain employees have access to it. This avoids the loss of information.
  4. Financial savings. Since the system is equipped with a number of communications, it is easy to reduce the cost of telephone calls and other means of communication.
  5. Optimization of personnel work. CRM allows you to control the actions of employees and distribute tasks between them more efficiently. Also, with its help, you can track what task a particular manager performs and what are the results of his work. 
  6. Analysis of the sale of goods. The system automatically creates a sales funnel for the current moment. So you can see the dynamics of sales in real time and quickly adjust it. 
  7. Ease of installation. CRM integrates very simply, quickly and does not require the involvement of specialists.

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