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Love Strikes Twice Movie: All The Info About It

Love Strikes Twice is a movie about the story of Love. Love has struck twice, but who will it strike next? Love strikes twice and can happen to anyone. Love is unpredictable, and as such, Love Strikes Twice Movie doesn’t know what’s going to happen either! This film takes place in different parts of America and weaves together the stories of various couples whose lives intersect over the course of one year.

What is the release date of Love Strikes Twice?

Hallmark Channel is releasing “Love Strikes Twice” on October 2 at 9 p.m. ET. this movie is part of Hallmark’s “Fall Harvest” series, which is a yearly event where Hallmark releases several original films during the fall season.

However, the decision to premiere “Love Strikes Twice” in October might feel a bit odd. As you know, October is the month most associated with horror because it is Halloween. Hallmark is not a company that makes horror films. They make other things like romance movies. As such, it’s not a surprise that they are releasing “Love Strikes Twice” as part of their Fall Harvest event and not during the spooky time of year.

What is the plot of Love Strikes Twice?

The interesting part of “Love Strikes Twice” is how it changes what happens. It is about a woman who wants to be younger, and she becomes younger. Maggie has problems with her husband, Josh. She wants to get a second chance. This means that she goes back in time to 15 years.

Maggie has two men she can marry. One is her future husband, and the other is her college boyfriend, Rick. Maggie will never know who she will pick if she marries one of them. She needs to wait until October when “Love Strikes Twice” premieres to find out which one it will be.

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Some people have a “one true love.” People who have met their soulmate think that other people will too. Hallmark is making a movie about love. It will be about getting another chance. People can watch it on TV.

In “Love Strikes Twice,” there is a story about two guys who want one girl. They both love her, and she doesn’t want to choose. The story has similarities to “13 Going on 30.” A girl wants to be older in the movie, but instead, it is a woman who wants to become younger. She doesn’t like her marriage.

Maggie has a decision to make. She is waiting for the right time to decide if she will marry her future husband or her college boyfriend, Rick. When Maggie’s show “Love Strikes Twice” starts in October, you’ll know what she decides.

Who will be starring Love Strikes Twice?

So far, Hallmark has revealed three actors who will be in the new movie “Love Strikes Twice.” Katie Findlay, Wyatt Nash, and Marshall Williams will all be in it. They play Maggie and her two potential lovers Josh and Rick. But that’s not ALL the cast!

IMDb says that the movie has a large group of supporting actors. There are three people in the film, George, Estelle, and Ash Hartman. They all have the same last name. They are played by Alex Poch-Goldin, Sharon Bajer, and Matthew Lupu, respectively. The rest of the cast is made up of Erik Athavale and BrynnGodenir, who play the characters Malcolm Baxter and Carrie Boudin — as well as HenrietteIvanans, who plays an unnamed judge.

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