London Technology featured an interview of Allied Wallet's CEO Dr Andy Khawaja

London Technology featured an interview of Allied Wallet’s CEO Dr Andy Khawaja

Dr Andy Khawaja who is the founder of Allied Wallet, one of the biggest names in the digital payments’ industry today was recently featured in the MediaPlanet’s London Technology. Recently, he has been discussing the current scenario of e-commerce merchant services. He even talks of the Allied Wallet and says that the company has been a dream to him. However, he along with his team has worked really hard to get it this far! 

Andy Khawaja went on giving his opinions on the Fintech industry throughout his interview. He also mentions London as a global tech hub in his speech. He said that he had to face a lot of challenges in assuring the growth of his organization, Allied Wallet. He said that it was not at all easy for him to change his dream of Allied Wallet into a reality. It had reached the peak of success today, but the growth was really very difficult and he had to pass through a lot of criticisms throughout this journey. However, he says that he doesn’t mind any of them now, for it is only due to the criticisms that he married this far. He says that he would love to see today’s youth struggling to make their dreams come true and Allied Wallet would give its maximum to help them out.

Dr Andy Khawaja: Internet lacked the means of safe online transactions

Dr Andy Khawaja was always inspired to come up with a solution that could bridge the existing gap among the customers and the merchants to make sure that they can transact safely. During his tenure of work in the retail sector, he could identify that the major issue for which people hesitate to make transactions across borders is none other than the lack of a solution that could process transactions without leaking out any data. Therefore, he thought of putting forward his step in the digital payments industry. He made it a point to come up with a solution wherein the company conducts online transactions at ease using credit cards and other kinds of payment. 

Dr Andy Khawaja has always been an epitome of inspiration

Dr Andy Khawaja doesn’t lack motivation and that is quite prominent through his speeches and interviews. He went on saying that today’s youth should not be losing hope, and they should keep on working to make their dreams come true. He says that it might be difficult at times but successful are the ones who do not give up. Hence, he motivates them to keep staying focused at the goal and make sure that they aren’t giving up despite all the odds that they might have to face throughout the journey. He further said that Allied Wallet will keep on growing. He justified his statement saying that an organization should keep upgrading itself with the updates in the field of technology. 

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