Logan Paul’s mammoth Net Worth is sure to surprise you

Logan Paul's mammoth Net Worth

As we all know that YouTube and other social media platforms can be a really good source of income for anyone, here’s what it is to the stars as well. Today, we are going to come up with the same about Logan Paul and how he sees to it. Undoubtedly, this popular star has made YouTube as one of his major sources of earning with a huge fan base, and recently, he has become one of the brilliant youtubers with a great net worth that could startle you!

The American YouTuber Logan Paul is regarded as one of the most famous YouTubers in the world. Let us have a glance at Logan Paul’s total net worth as of 2020. The American YouTuber Logan Paul rose to fame with his famous Vine videos and then he became a famous YouTube star. Logan Paul and his brother, Jake Paul have collaborated several times for YouTube videos and he went on to collaborate with celebrities including that of Dwayne Johnson. 

Logan Paul’s net worth

According to sources, Logan Paul is estimated to have a net worth of a whopping amount of $25 million (as of February 2020). Paul’s net worth was said to be $19 million during the year 2019. Logan Paul has refuted the net worth in one of his podcasts, that shows up when one searches for ‘Logan Paul’s net worth’ on the internet. In the video, we could see him confessing that his net worth is a much lower number instead. Logan Paul further confirms that his net worth is way lower than $19M

Logan Paul says that he earns most of his earnings from his two YouTube channels. As per reports, Logan Paul earns over $11 million every year. It was reported that Logan Paul mints over $80,000 for sponsored content on his social media handle including Instagram and about $1,50,000 for Facebook, according to the Forbes list. He even undertakes several brand endorsements such as Hanes, HBO, and PepsiCo. He further received the Teen Choice Award award in the year 2017. Logan Paul launched his brand in the fashion line other than all the aforementioned achievements, it was also reported that 

A controversy about Logan Paul

While YouTube and social media could be a boon to anyone, it could be a curse too. In the year 2018, Logan Paul posted a controversial video that did receive a lot of hate from the netizens. Logan Paul along with his friends went on to explore the Aokigahara Forest of Japan, where they found a dead body, as per the video. Logan soon started recording by zooming into the body and giving vague reactions upon it. However, he later took down the video and also wrote an apology to his fans. This act cost Logan a lot as he had taken a break from his YouTube channel.

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