Listing Property To Rent On The Prince George’s County Housing Choice Voucher Program


The Housing Choice Voucher Program or Section 8 is characterized as a “tenant-based” program for low-income households. The program gives tenants an opportunity to choose a place to live that suits their preferences and needs.

The program also gives property owners opportunity to become a Housing Choice Voucher landlord. Interested participants are encouraged to list their property on the Housing Authority’s Unit Availability Listings.Listed properties are removed from the listings after three months, if it is not rented within the time period. To keep the property listed, property owners will need to update the listing by contact. The property will not be inspected until a client chooses it. Direct deposit forms or renter’s license should not be submitted until after the landlord has chosen a client.

To submit your property on the Housing Authority’s Unit Availability Listings, visiting the Housing Authority of Prince George’s County, Maryland website or access the county’s Online Form Center.

Housing Authority’s Unit Availability Listings form:

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