Lil Scholars Too Day Care Educator Gets Sacked After Teaching Under The Influence


Lil Scholars Too Day Care official discovered that one of its assistant preschool teachers was working with a group of young students, while impaired on March 23. Forty-three-year-old Des Moines Police arrived to the school a short time later and arrested Angela Hircock. She pled guilty to endangerment charge in July and was scheduled to appear in court sentencing on September 1.

Lil Scholars Too Day Care

Police said Hircock exhibited signs of intoxication including blood shot eyes and inability to stand without assistance. Police also noted that her water bottle reeked of alcohol.

Hircock appeared in court on September 1 intoxicated. The result of her Breathalyzer was .178 and blood alcohol content .37, almost five times the legal limit to drive in Iowa.

The judge ordered Hircock to return to jail and undergo a substance abuse evaluation.

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