Licorice Pizza Movie: Coming To Your Screens Soon! Get Ready For It

licorice pizza movie

What are the release dates of the Licorice Pizza? Who is starring in the upcoming movie? Will the movie make it to people’s hearts?

Licorice Pizza is coming to theaters near you! The upcoming film stars Alana Haim, Tom Waits, and Bradley Cooper. It follows a teenage actor and a young woman who fall in love in the 1970s San Fernando Valley. Furthermore, read the article to know more about this upcoming film, its director Paul Thomas Anderson and the release dates.

Licorice Pizza Releasing this December Nationwide

The movie is scheduled for release on November 26th, 2021 with limited screenings before becoming available nationwide on December 25th.

We are yet to know the names of the country it will be releasing in. We don’t have the release dates for countries outside of the US yet either, but we will keep you posted on any updates regarding this.

Watch the Trailer of the Upcoming Licorice Pizza

This September, a trailer of the upcoming Licorice Pizza was released. We have a lot of expectations from this film and we can’t wait to see it in theaters.

Now that you know more about the movie, watch its trailer if you haven’t yet!

In the trailer, we can see what the movie has to offer. Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman are seen in the trailer. They play a couple in the movie as confirmed in the trailer. We can also have a look at the most loved Bradley Cooper in the trailer as well. After the release of the trailer, everyone is looking forward to the release of Licorice Pizza.

Paul Thomas Anderson's movie gets a new title, Licorice Pizza
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Cast Details

We have few names that were revealed in the Licorice Pizza cast. Alana Haim, Cooper Hoffman, Sean Penn, and Tom Waits are some of them. We also have Bradley Cooper in there as well but we can’t say it’s confirmed yet if he will be playing a big role or not. So stay tuned for more information regarding this!

The film will also have Ben Stiller and Maya Rudolph. But we do not have their roles confirmed yet. So for now, let’s just sit back and wait!

The Theme of the movie

The upcoming movie is based on LA record shops founded in Long Beach by James Greenwood in 1969. The record was rather unsuccessful but it became a huge hit in the 70s.

The film’s plot centers on two teenagers who get into music and eventually fall for each other during that time. The records were being sold at feed stores as a ‘licorice pizza’.

The movie will have it all covered!

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