Laurel Man Gets 40-Year Prison Sentence In Two Separate Sexual Assault Cases


Fifty-eight-year-old Edward Witherspoon was sentenced to 40 years in prison Monday for sexually assaulting two women on separate occasions.

In January 2015, Witherspoon took a woman home from a bar in Fells Point and sexually assaulted her. The next morning the victim contacted the police department, saying she had been assaulted. She told the officers that she was at a bar, when her drink had been spiked without her knowledge. She later blacked out and woke up in Witherspoon’s apartment.

Edward WitherspoonWitherspoon denied having sex with the victim, but admitted to giving her a massage.

A similar incidence took place one year later, at which time Witherspoon picked up another woman from Power Plant Live! He drove the drugged woman to his apartment and sexually assaulted her. Witherspoon drove the victim back to her dorm at Loyola University.

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