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“Kung Fu” Season 2: Plot Speculation And Interesting Facts

Kung Fu Season 2 is coming to CW this fall. While release dates are not yet known, we do know that there will be a release date soon and it will come sometime in the Fall of 2016. We also know that there have been rumors about certain plot points such as whether or not two characters from season 1 will return and what the storyline for season 2 may entail. There has been speculation among fans about some interesting facts like who might be cast for various roles and if any spinoffs are in store after Kung Fu Season 3.

Starcast for Kung Fu season 2:

There have been no major casting announcements for Kung Fu season 2 as of yet, but the cast should largely remain the same if there are no major deaths in the season 1 finale or the first few episodes of season 2. Don’t be shocked if there are some fresh additions, though.

  • Olivia Liang – Nicky Shen
  • Kheng Hua Tan – Mei-Li Shen
  • Eddie Liu – Henry Yan
  • Shannon Dang – Althea Shen
  • Jon Prasida – Ryan Shen
  • Gavin Stenhouse – Evan Hartley
  • Vanessa Kai – Pei-Ling Zhang
  • Tony Chung – Dennis Soong
  • Tzi Ma – Jin Shen

Plot speculation for the much-awaited Kung Fu season 2:

We’re not quite sure what the plot for Kungfu season two is going to be, but it might follow our heroes as they take on an ancient Chinese spirit that has been awakened by a recent earthquake. The release date isn’t set yet, but we know from last year’s release pattern that there will likely be 13 episodes. The first teaser trailer of the show came out in December 2017 and showed clips from previous seasons with some flash-forwards sprinkled through it.

Kung Fu' Season 2 News, Cast, Release Date, & Spoilers
Source: Seventeen Magazine.com

Interesting facts about this spectacular show!

– In the trailer, we see a woman with her back to us. We don’t know who she is and what role she will play in season two but it seems like this mystery character has some connection to Kung Fu which might not be entirely good for our heroes.

– It’s been confirmed that David Carradine’s son Cary was cast as Kwai Chang Caine! He now joins Jason Scott Lee (Caine), Philip Tan (Mee), and Hoong Yung Kim (Tiger). He also appears in other CW shows such as Arrow, Riverdale, and The 100

– Season one had an average of about six million viewers per episode while season two already brought in five million during its first trailer release

Spin-offs for Kung Fu Season 2:

– CW president Mark Pedowitz has confirmed that there are in talks of potential spinoffs for season two.

The first trailer leaves many questions unanswered such as what will happen to the monastery? What is Kai Lee’s role with Wu Tan Sha or his family? Will Mee be able to return from China alive? And most importantly who is this new mystery character that’s causing trouble for our heroes. We might have a few nods to past seasons but it seems we also need some answers now. Stay tuned!

The storyline for this much anticipated season:

Season one of Kung Fu left us with a lot of questions. It was unclear what happened to Mee, the fate of Kai Lee is still in question and Wu Tan Sha’s health has taken a turn for the worse. Season two will pick up three months after season one ended and we’ll see if our heroes are able to save themselves from this unknown enemy that threatens their lives at every corner.

The plot of Kung Fu season 2 is yet to be revealed. Nicky and her family and friends will almost certainly face a new challenge in the second season, although no official plot specifics have been disclosed.

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