Kim Min-Kyo

Kim Min-Kyo:Amazing Moments

Kim Min Kyo is an actor from South Korea who also has experience of directing films. He was born in Gwangju, Gyeonggi, South Korea on 15th April 1974. He was very fond of acting right from a tender age and that’s the reason he used to do plays on stage at the local level.  He continued to please people through stage performances for roughly 2 decades primarily in Daehangno.  He naturally developed in-depth skills considering the years of experience he got, which helped him to bag the role in 1998.

He has been very professional and serious towards his acting as his popularity in shows namely “Our Town” in 2007 is noteworthy. However, as luck would have it, there was a phase where he couldn’t bag enough roles. Then came the peak of the problems and challenges where he was surrounded by neck-deep problems. However, in 2012 based on the recommendations of Jang Jin, associated with the Seoul Institute of the Arts, he started performing for their TV program, “Saturday Night Like Korea”. He continued to enhance his popularity by getting role in another TV series namely “Strong Girl Do Bong Soon” in 2017. A year later he has also bagged a role in films like “Snatch Up” where he was acting as a “Thug”. He has a long list of movies under his best as he is known for doing a wide genre of films.

His name is taken with high esteem in the South Korean arts circle, thanks to the position he earned through his hard work. He is a member of Jang Jin’s Division along with other renowned figures such as Kwon Hyeok-su, Kim Seul-gi, etc. He rightly has loads of learnings which he pleasantly shares like a coach with the younger actors such as Seo Seong-min, Chae Dong-hyeon, Yoon Gyung-ho. He looks after Steven Chow as a man who has inspired him to become what he is today, in short, he considers him a role model.

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