Killing of Maryland high schooler solved: Took 52 years

Tom Soboconski, Baltimore Office, the FBI Special Agent in Charge, reveals this case at a news conference on Friday, March 10, 2023, in Millersville, M.D. Authorities finally announced that the suspect in the murder of Pamela Lynn Conyers on October 16, 1970, is now identified. It was Forrest Clyde Williams III. Williams III — whom detectives had identified. They concluded the case using DNA technology and genetics research — they died in 2018 of natural causes, over a half-century since the Maryland high school student Pamela Conyers was found strangled to death. She had suddenly disappeared from a local shopping mall, and that same case is now solved after 52 long years.

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Incident describing the disappearance of Pamela

The 16-year-old Pamela attended a high school pep rally and then drove to the mall on the night she disappeared. Her parents reported her missing when she never returned till then. Authorities said that her body was found lying in a wooded area four days later, not too far from the car she was driving. However, there was no evidence to accuse the killer. The local officials and federal finally appreciated the detectives for at least investigating the case even after decades passed by! Tom Sobocinski said, “We are pleased to deliver a measure of justice for Pamela Conyers and her loved ones.” He added, “Cases may grow cold, investigators may change, but this proves that for law enforcement, victims are never forgotten.” He even revealed that the detectives used DNA analysis and a process called investigative genetic genealogy, which did not happen to exist during 1970. He even talked about how evolving technology allows law enforcement to solve such cold cases, as Williams pointed out.

A little background about Williams

Anne Arundel County officials had provided very little information about Williams. It revealed that he was only 21 when he killed Conters. He further said that he had a sparse criminal history and had spent almost all his life in Virginia. Officials even revealed that since Williams was a teenager, his family had moved to Maryland, and he had attended an Anne Arundel County High school. He was even arrested for various reasons of misconduct, including being drunk! He had two children and many other relatives. Anne Arundel County Police Chief Amal Awad stated during a press conference, “If he were still alive, he would have been charged with the murder of Pamela Conyers.” Golden, an old school friend of Conyers who vividly remembers the incident of her being missing, says that she is “Forever 16!”

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