Kickstart Your Cybersecurity Career With This Online Course


Cybersecurity is one of the most desirable career choices today. According to various studies, cybersecurity has routinely ranked as one of the highest-paying and most satisfying career paths anyone can take on if they have the desired skills. 

New job openings in cybersecurity are growing at an exponential rate, with governments around the world pouring millions of dollars into this essential industry and creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the process.

What was once seen as a minor inconvenience — downloading anti-virus software and protecting database systems — is now of great importance to corporations and even small businesses and governments around the world. Big Data is now the name of the game, and it needs to be protected from attacks and penetrations around the clock. For a good background in the field, consider a diploma in web development.

As cybersecurity threats continue to grow, and elaborate phishing schemes and malware become commonplace, it becomes even more critical to have skilled cybersecurity professionals in charge of dealing with such threats to protect our valuable digital assets, datasets, and information. 

Both private and government firms hold cybersecurity as one of their most important investment in this day. Assets, intellectual property, personal identifiable information, and sensitive datasets such as healthcare and financial data need to be protected at all costs, and this is where cybersecurity comes into play. 

Why Should You Get Into Cybersecurity? 

On-trend and Urgent

With greater funding and budgets set by corporations and governments for cybersecurity initiatives, anyone looking to get into the technology industry should consider cybersecurity as a potential career path. 

Whether you are a young college graduate looking to get your first job in this industry or you are a mid-career professional looking for a change in industries, cybersecurity holds great promise for you and is a highly future-proof industry to get into. 

Cybersecurity provides you with a long-term and stable career with good job progression and prospects. Some of the roles you may wish to consider are Information Analyst, Software Developer, and IT Systems Administrators, Ethical Hackers among many others. 

Transferrable Skills and Network

The cybersecurity skills needed for these jobs will reap huge long-term benefits. Furthermore, you will also gain access to a worldwide network of cybersecurity jobs allowing you to take up work overseas as well. 

As the popular adage goes, “it’s not what you know but who you know” and networking with other cybersecurity professionals is one of the best ways to gain greater access to better-paying and more meaningful jobs that are aligned with your interests.  

These skills can be honed through some of the best online courses that we have compiled in this article. Try them out and get ready to start your cybersecurity journey! 

Learn Cybersecurity with RMIT

RMIT is now offering a “cybersecurity for beginners” course on their online learning platform. The course is designed with the complete beginner in mind, and also contains hands-on practical sessions along with group work to facilitate learning from your peers. 

Tips for Completing The Course

To start, you will need to free up some time in your schedule to be able to commit to the course. The course requires a commitment of about two to three hours a week and is designed such that you will be able to progressively keep track of your learning with each sitting. A more spaced-out syllabus schedule compared to other courses, allows you to maximize your learning in each sitting.

Another great way to maximize your learning is to constantly take notes during your lessons. Active learning by taking notes rather than passively listening has repeatedly been proven by research to be one of the most effective ways of learning. This way, you can also keep track of what exactly you do not understand, and can approach the mentors assigned to you for further guidance. 

Course Scope

The course is also constantly updated with the latest trends and methodologies of cybersecurity. With a syllabus designed with cutting-edge research in mind, you can be assured that you will be receiving the best of what cybersecurity has to offer for budding learners. Not to mention that you will also be equipped with the latest skills in recognizing and handling common cybersecurity threats through your hands-on practical assignments and lab sessions. 

Aside from cybersecurity know-how, you will also be exposed to emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing. Having these technological skills in your portfolio will undoubtedly increase your employability in the market if you wish to work in the technology industry. 

The best part about this introductory course is that it requires little to no background knowledge, although it may be beneficial to have some basic coding knowledge and a sense of how computer systems work. 

There are also other online courses available for cybersecurity professionals looking to further hone their skills and boost their portfolios along the way. 

Aside from technical skills, this course also allows you a chance to hone your soft skills by interacting with your mentors and peers and presenting your ideas clearly and fluidly. 

This skill will be highly valuable during presentations with your colleagues and will allow you to gain a reputation as someone skilled at breaking down and communicating complex problems in an easy-to-understand manner 


If you are someone keen on getting your feet wet in the complex and multi-layered world of cybersecurity, taking up this online course by RMIT (or the many other courses available online) is sure to pique your interest and have you working in a highly rewarding field. 

Cybersecurity is one of the technology industry’s most rewarding and lucrative jobs. With this course, you will be equipped with the essential skills to protect our systems and data from cyber-attacks. 

If you are a business owner, you may also consider sending your technical staff for such courses to increase their awareness of cyber threats. In the process, you will also be able to protect your company’s datasets and avoid damaging relations with your clients and business partners or causing major losses in revenue and assets caused by malicious cyber attacks. 

So take a leap of faith today and start your cybersecurity journey now! Who knows, you may even find that you wish to pursue cybersecurity as a lifelong career. 

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