Jay Strongwater Scheduled To Close And Layoff 29 Workers


According the New York State Department of Labor, Jay Strongwater, a Union Springs-based manufacturer of hand decorated cast pewter giftware and high-end jewelry, is scheduled to close by the end of the year.

The layoff, expected to begin on December 31, will affect 29 of the company’s nonunion employees. Jay Strongwater filed a Worker Adjustment and Retaining Notification earlier this month after the company sold.


All production will be moved to a Rhode Island, where metal is currently poured for the company’s products. Workers at the Union Springs facility added the finishing touches on the products, such as paint, jewels and glitter.

Aurora Brands, owner of Mackenzie-Childs, acquired Jay Strongwater in 2011. Workers at the Union Springs plant that make Mackenzie-Childs products will not be affected by the transition.

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