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The news that Jaimie Alexander is returning to Marvel has been a long time coming. Jaimie started her career with the company in 2011 but left in 2012. Jaimie was best known for playing Lady Sif from Thor and Avengers Assemble. Jaimie returns to the company will be one of the main characters on an upcoming television show called The Conners, which will air later this year on ABC. Tune into our blog soon for more information about Jaimie’s return!

About her Career:

At Marvel Entertainment, we have always used great people who are passionate about comics as part of our success story – like Stan Lee or Jack Kirby before them, you can count Jamie among those ranks.” said Alan Fine President Of Publishing at Marvel Entertainment “Jaimie has been a terrific actress and an even better person. Jaimie has brightened our universe with her smile.”

Jaimie Alexander Teases Sif's Return to the MCU | CBR
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“I’m so excited to be able to come back into the Marvel family, that’s always home for me,” Jaimie said at Comic-Con in San Diego last week “And I’ll continue on as Sif since she is such an important character in my life. It was hard not having her by my side these past few years but now it feels like coming home.”

Jaimie Alexander is back with Marvel and Joss Whedon for his new ABC series Agents of Shield. ”

Fan Opinion:

It’s always exciting to see an actor from the MCU make their way into other projects. Jaxon has been in Heroes, Thor, The Last Stand as well as Agent Carter so it will be great seeing her take on Sif again! – Chris Johnston

The Inverse Analysis:

There’s quite a bit about Thor: Love And Thunder’s that has already been teased or confirmed — specifically how it’ll feature the transformation of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster Into The Mighty Thor. But as is the case with most Marvel projects, there’s still a lot about Love and Thunder that is a mystery, and that includes Sif’s role in it.

Is It Worth Waiting?

However, it is worth noting that Alexander was on the Love and Thunder set for a considerably longer time than any of the Guardians of the Galaxy actors, all of whom appear to have finished their work on the film back in early February. It seems fair to assume then that Sif will at least have a larger presence in the film than the Guardians, but fans will probably have to wait a bit longer to find out exactly what her function in the film is.

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