ISIS Terrorists Sending Money Through eBay, PayPayl To Maryland Operative

ISIS, a Sunni jihadist militant group, has been funneling money to a Maryland operative through eBay and PayPal, according to recently unsealed FBI affidavit.

The leader, Sitful Sujan, of the network was killed in December 2015 in a U.S.-led airstrike.

The Maryland operative was an American in his early 30s. A Federal Bureau of Investigation surveillance operation led to his arrest in 2016.

The FBI affidavit, unsealed in federal court in Baltimore revealed that the American operative, Mohamed Elshinawy, who pledged allegiance to Islamic State, received payments through PayPal for fake computer printers.


The Maryland operation was part of a global network that utilized similar tactics to funnel money to Islamic State, according to the unsealed affidavit. The network apparently stretched from Britain to Bangladesh, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Elshinawy said he was ordered to utilize the money in the U.S. for “operational purposes.” After pleading guilty, Elshinawy was taken into federal custody, where he is awaiting trial.

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