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Is paying someone to write an essay illegal?

In the situation of massive learning difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many students face problems due to the increase of learning-related pressure. Today, people turn to writing assistance services of different kinds. One of the key questions any client of such a company asks comes the following way: Is it illegal to pay someone to write a sample essay of any kind? This post will ultimately answer the question, which often occupies students who engage in many forms of organized research. Ultimately, as we will show you, the reasons for your fears are unsubstantiated. In the current conditions, there are absolutely no barriers that can prevent you from asking an expert writer to present you with an original sample text written from scratch.

Asking for assistance isn’t prohibited by law

The first misconception that many people have regarding writing help services is that they are somehow illegal. The reality is often different in comparison to common fears. In many countries across the world, including the USA, writing organizations function openly, with writers being a respected profession. Currently, there are no laws that don’t allow you to buy help to address your assignment problems. Plenty of companies that provide academic assistance are officially registered and hire employees who are paid appropriately and don’t suffer from any large-scale exploitation as they have wages that are well above the minimum.

In this regard, legitimate essay writing services (such as and others) allow you to get original papers that can be of significant assistance in your everyday studying process. While talking about help with student-related tasks, we can say that many services in this sphere are safe to use. 

Before we proceed to another point, let us highlight the outlined statements:

  • Many academic help services are registered organizations that pay taxes and take care of their employees.
  • In the U.S. and the UK, buying papers from custom writing services is alright for as long as you don’t use the materials to cheat on exams, turn them in, etc.
  • A reputable academic help website can provide the top service to help you deal with your papers.

The majority of online essays are made for perfecting your writing 

The second common misconception regarding essay writing services operating online is that they go against college regulations. In reality, the essays provided by many businesses in the analyzed sphere don’t imply cheating. The papers are sold only as examples that can help you perfect your own writing and improve its quality. Experts, in such cases, provide a written text that a customer can use as a guide. In short, if you get help from such services, you don’t break rules unless you deliberately use the materials for cheating. Instead, you get personalized professional help that can soon lead you to produce the best papers for school or college on your own.

Here are several important points for you to consider: 

  • The majority of the services don’t finish your homework for you.
  • Instead, they provide quality samples that can be used for enhancing your writing.

I am still afraid: Distinguishing between ethical and unethical services

For the most skeptical readers, we would like to offer the characteristics that can allow you to distinguish between ethical and unethical services. 

The first characteristic to look at is the wording used by a service. An unethical website will offer you to buy a paper that you can later present as yours. An ethical one will write a paper for you but prohibit its use as your own material. As mentioned previously, these texts are made for helping you get information and inspiration for your college essay. 

Secondly, an ethical service would always provide you with free samples of its work. In this regard, you should view them as educational websites that offer both free and custom-written content. Keep in mind that unethical platforms that offer only free content are capable of reselling your personal data. Their goal may be to profit from you even if you’re not buying anything. In this regard, you should be especially suspicious of super cheap prices for papers: they are typically a sign of lacking ethics. On the other hand, plenty of ethical websites offer cheap services to customers because their goal is to provide help, not to rob students.

All in all, you should concentrate on the following points while choosing a studying help service:

  • Look at an average review: do customers thank the business for helping them to cheat?
  • Does the service offer a free sample service to evaluate their quality?
  • Are the prices extra cheap?


You shouldn’t be afraid of asking someone to write an essay for you. As long as you don’t use the writing of others to cheat, you can freely utilize it to upgrade your skills. In this regard, the majority of online services are more than eager to help you. They offer at least some free English 101 samples to check before you order a custom paper and pay money for it. You may find out that their reviews are quite good as they have helped lots of students with academic difficulties of various kinds. 

The knowledge of writing essays is one of the most important skills in the modern world. If you want to enhance your studies or career, be patient, and do basic research before you buy custom-written materials from any website. This simple practice will help you keep your money safe and avoid buying plagiarized materials that have been resold to students many times. 

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