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Is ‘Home Town’ Canceled Or Renewed? Let Us Find Out

Are you a Home Town fan? Are you looking for the answer to whether HomeTown has been renewed or canceled? This blog post may be what you are looking for. HomeTown is a TV show that first aired on ABC in 2016, and it continues to air weekly. It’s about an American family who moves from New York City to Austin, Texas, after their youngest daughter is diagnosed with cancer.

The release date of Home Town Season 6:

There is still no news if Home Town is canceled or renewed, but Home Town Season 6 will begin airing in early 2022.

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The cast of Home Town Season 6:

  • Erin Napier
  • Ben Napier

The plot of Home Town Season 6:

Laurel, Mississippi, is a little town that Erin and Ben Napier adore, especially the ancient antique homes.

They’re retaining the spirit of these classic homes while giving them modern and economical upgrades by using found materials and vintage linens. This couple is bringing Laurel’s homes back to life and ensuring their little town’s survival with Erin’s innovative hand sketches and Ben’s unique woodwork.

According to the press release of the HGTV, “During the season, other outstanding projects are a booth for a Nashville-nominated music producer and guitarist from Grammy and an outdoor kitchen with a hand-made crawfish table for a Louisiana family that buys in Laurel.”

Is Home town Season 6 worth watching?

Home Town Season six will be worth watching.

For those of you who don’t know what Home Town is about: this couple finds derelict homes with big personalities in their small town and renovates them to preserve Laurel’s history while adding modern touches like solar panels and sustainable building methods.

As they bring these old houses back to life, Erin sketches ideas that Ben builds into amazing creations using recycled wood from the earth around him.

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