Intoxicated Welsh Man Handed $330 Find After Surviving Swim Across Hoover Dam


An intoxicated man from Wales successfully swam across the Hoover Dam, where he was met by a Nevada police officer with handcuffs. It is believed that 28-year-old Arron Hughes, a forklift driver, is the first to ever survive the daring stunt. But, he could not escape a $330 fine.

Hughes and his friends had spent the last 37 hours partying in Nevada, before he decided to swim across the Colorado River. Apparently, Hughes was not so impaired that he could not recall the details of his experience. He said it was about 40 to 45 degrees outside, when he dove into the water. About 30 minutes in and half way across, he felt “knackered” and the water was pulling him towards the dam.

Hoover Dam

Hughes was arrested and fined $330 for pulling off a stunt that apparently had never been achieved before. In the last 10 years, approximately 275 people have died attempting to swim the Hoover Dam.

It was reported that nine of the Hoover Dam’s turbines were off the day Hughes put his life in the hands of fate.

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