ICC slapped eight years ban on UAE players Shaiman Anwar and Mohammad Naveed on charges of match fixing

morningsidemaryland Desk : Mohammad Naveed and Shaiman Anwar who are the United Arab Emirates cricketers, have been charged of match fixing in the T20 World Cup qualified in 2019.

The charges are enough for any player to get severe punishments as there has been a history where players have got punishment in the form of banning for years. Likewise,  ICC has banned them to play for eight years.

Considering the time period, one is doubtful whether they are able to play again, given the time period of cricket which they indulge in. 

The ban is dated to October 16, 2019 where they were suspended after being found guilty of breaching global body’s Anti-Corruption Code. 

Naveed aged 33, was a former captain who played 39 one day international along with 31 T20. He can be regarded as a veteran who represented the country while his associate Butt, aged 42 has played 40 ODIs along with 32  T20. 

The move has ended their possibility to play for the country again and it is very appropriate giving the extent of mistake they have committed. 

Both the players made their choice to play for the adopted country that is UAE.

Naveed was the captain and importantly he had the wonderful credit of taking the highest wickets as well. 

They can easily be considered as veteran cricketers and due to playing for years, they were equally known to the lurking threat which arise from match fixers. 

Yet, they chose to go through this route by indulging in corrupt activity and hence, they betrayed their position for sure. 

The cricketers were found guilty of Article 2.1.1 as they were part of an agreement which was working towards fixing the matches and this basically influences the result of the game. In short, the fans, including the cricketing fraternity were cheated due to this gross misconduct. 

They have been charged on various sections as considering the series of sections which they have been subjected to, times seem to be highly tough and challenging for these two who may have enjoyed the best of cricketing times up till now.

But, from now on, the times are going to be very tough for them as they brought shame not just for themselves, but also for their families, their endless fans and likewise for everyone who is in a state of shock due to the same. 

There has been a unanimous reaction from people who are now quite satisfied given the fact that they have been given adequate punishment in the form of significant bans from different forms of cricket.

Likewise, it is also going to give an example to other cricketers if they are looking forward to include in any such of the phase. 

Well, stern action is usually needed to teach others so that the sanctity of cricket can be saved and fans don’t have to face disappointment again in their lives. Let cricket wins. 

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