Hyperbolic Stretching Review 2021

Morningside Maryland Staff : Hyperbolic stretching is the new, modern way of stretching. It is highly intense. Athletes adopt hyperbolic stretching for warm up.

The word ‘Hyperbolic’ means exaggerated or full-fledged stretching. It is also famously known as the hyper stretch. A person continues to stretch out his/ her muscles until there is a sudden pull in the muscle. This ‘pull’ is nothing but the body resisting the stretch. It is also known as the ‘stretch reflex..

It is definitely a rather painful version of stretching. Hyperbolic stretching trains your body to be comfortable in uncomfortable muscle activities. This set of stretching exercises focus mainly on your thighs, calves and glutes. In this article, you will learn more in-depth about hyperbolic stretching. We will also be reviewing one of the most famous hyperbolic stretching programs out there.

What’s the Difference Between the Old Stretching Technique and Hyperbolic Stretching?

Old VersionNew Version
It helps condition muscles.It not only conditions muscles but also strengthens them.
No hormonal change in the body.Releases testosterone and HGH.
Not meant for body toning.Highly useful for body toning.
Not intense.It is highly intense and a little painful.

How does Hyperbolic Stretching Work?

Athletes use this technique to test their muscle strength. The muscles of the body are challenged to reach their maximum potential of flexibility which makes it a bit painful.

It enhances your core strength for mobility improvement. You will get rock-solid glutes after mastering the hyperbolic stretching. It cures your muscles from injuries and helps them to recover faster. It completely eliminates body stiffness. You can do a high kick without any warm up if you practice hyperbolic stretching regularly.

Hyperbolic Stretching Program by Alex Larsson: Review 2021

About: This is a 30-day program providing you with 21 videos in total. Every video is eight minutes long. This program, created by Alex Larsson, ensures you with long-term static and dynamic flexibility. Static flexibility is holding on to a stretching position and challenging yourself to how long you can stay still. Dynamic stretching is testing how far your body can stretch or how flexible your muscles are. 

This program promises that you will go from a beginner level to an advanced level in just 8 weeks of adopting the hyperbolic stretching. The program also helps you relieve back pain problems. It enhances the hip strength and increases pelvic floor strength.

One can progress faster with yoga exercise if they practice hyperbolic stretching regularly. The program also helps fat loss leading to weight loss in the long run. It does so by burning away calories naturally. It improves your running speed and enables you to achieve a high kick at a faster speed without any warm ups.

The exercises in the program are designed to help muscles recover faster after an injury. Hence, it increases your athletic ability. It enhances joint mobility by virtue of ancient stretching techniques.

Benefits of the hyperbolic stretching program: Here are some of the benefits that customers have experienced after or while committing to the program.

  • Eight minute program:  There is no need to spend hours on the treadmill. You are not required to do intense cardio too. Just give eight minutes to this program every day for twenty one days straight.

  • Muscle flexibility: This program contains static and dynamic flexibility. It will help your body to stretch wider as well as challenge you to stay longer in that position. Muscle flexibility is very crucial to complete daily tasks with ease. 
  • Enhances core strength: The program focuses mainly on the glutes and thighs. It teaches you to open up your stiff hip joint. By regularly stretching, the plan says, you can achieve front and side splits within eight weeks.
  • Fat loss and reduces cellulite: As the glutes get healthier, so does the excretory system. The body starts getting rid of excess fat. This happens because of the use of excess energy by the muscles. To get optimal energy at a faster rate, accumulated stubborn fat cells are squeezed off of energy. This results in the breakdown of fatty substances in the body.
  • Tension relief: In this program, the body muscles are going to be habitual to intense stretching and pulling. This helps in faster absorption of cramps or catches in the muscle tissue. The strong muscles will be capable of experiencing sudden movements and protect the bones from any serious damage.
  • Body toning and body confidence: the more active you are, the more comfortable you become with your body. This is reflected as being body confident. Being in shape can help you be more active in return. This is an ongoing cycle and it will only stop if you stop stretching. 
  • High kick and full splits: Enjoy the freedom of doing full front and side splits whenever you want. Go for high kicks without worrying about warm ups. Hyperbolic stretching will keep your muscles awake and flexible whenever you want them to be.

Pricing and refund policy: The end product you receive after payment is not a tangible package. Hence, you do not have to pay for shipping charges or delivery charges. You don’t have to tip the delivery guy either. All you are paying for is the Hyperbolic Stretching Program.

This program consists of 21 videos for perfect flexibility transformation. As long as you have your mobile phone or laptop with you, you can access the plan anywhere and on any device. Just connect the device to your email address and you are good to go!

Usually, the price for the program is $199. There are always ongoing discounts you need to watch out for on the original website. Right now, the program sells at a discounted rate of $27. No recurring payment and no fear of insecure payments.

The refund policy guarantees a sixty-day hundred percent money-back facility. This is only applicable if you visit the official website. There are plentiful fake websites mimicking the original one. Beware of them and do not get tempted by their discount offers. The link provided above is the official website through which you can securely proceed with the payment.

FAQs on Hyperbolic Stretching Program

Is the Hyperbolic Stretching Program suitable for everyone?

It is suitable for all ages and sizes. If you suffer from muscle or tendon injury, you must consult your doctor before committing to the program.

Is the program accessible after eight weeks?

Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email containing all the plans of the program. Once you receive that email you can access it at any moment on any device.

Wait! Here’s our Final Verdict on the Hyperbolic Stretching Program!

Throughout the internet, on YouTube and Qora, you can find numerous paid reviews. Unlike ours, there are the so-called customers who mislead the soon-to-be customers. The creator of the program hasn’t provided people with any advice or disclaimer regarding the exercise. Here we give honest and practical opinions only. So read sling to know whether this program is a good fit for you or not.

We searched the entire website but to no avail did we find the types of stretches included in the program. The program has a lot of information on hyperbolic stretching but almost no information on its application in real life. This is a dirty game one can play with a customer. The person surfing through the website has no idea whether he/she is capable of this program or not. There are no sample videos available to give an idea about the program.

Very few customers have given honest reviews on social media which talk about the failure of this program. One customer spent double the duration of the program to realize nothing had changed. It is a risky thing to invest in something you do not have a clue about. There is no body type inclusivity in the program either. Anyway, taking full advantage of the refund policy, you can give it a try if you wish. Good luck! 

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