Hundreds rally in Poolesville to reopen White’s Ferry

Hundreds rally in Poolesville to reopen White’s Ferry

White’s Ferry, which connects Maryland and Virginia, was shut down since 2 years now. It happened due to several legal disputes. However, many people who have had used the ferry for commute or business purpose are now up on getting it reopened. White’s Ferry was closed since December 2020. It happened because of a legal dispute with Rockland Farm, the owner of the land on the Virginia side of the river.
White’s ferry did connect the riverbanks of Poolesville, Maryland, and Leesburg, Virginia since 1786
It offers a daily route for approximately 800 daily users

Several hundred people at the crossing in Poolesville to lend voice to the cause

Chanting in Poolesville for the cause
People ar the crossing in Poolesville were chanting “two years too long,” on Thursday. The Poolesville Mayor Jim Brown said that he wants politicians on both sides in order to make it happen. Brown said, ”If there was a public road that linked Takoma Park and Kensington that had been blocked off by private people, how long do you think that road would be closed?” He added that he believes that his town is forgotten.

Ferry operation in 2021

Chuck and Stacy Kuhn, the owners of JK Moving Services, bought the ferry operation in 2021. However, they were unable to come to an agreement with Rockland Farm. Tom Kettler, president of the Poolesville Chamber of Commerce, said that the ferry closure has hit the local business owners really hard. Kettler said, “I’ve talked to different restaurant owners in town, and we estimate that probably 20% of their business is being lost.” Shruti Bahtnagar, of the Sierra Club mentioned about the environmental impacts that the ferry’s closure had by stating, “In the two years that the ferry has been closed, nearly 9 million miles of travel has been added. And that is a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Hundreds rally in Poolesville to get White’s Ferry reopened

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