Humanity lights lives of inhabitants at trailer park

Humanity knows no race and geographical boundary. Yes, that’s exactly how needy have found a support through a public relations consultant namely Grace Rivera-Oven. She has experienced the trauma and problems during Covid. When life came to a halt with no jobs and resources as her willingness to help everyone including immigrants in the Middlebrook Mobile Home Park in Germantown, Md gathered praise.

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Feeding hungry to people

She knew that she had to rely on food donations where along with the team of volunteers, she distributed 300 Easter baskets to children who inhabited trailer park, including 23 families along with those in quarantine.

She wanted to give families their share of right to food as she was apprehensive about the limited social distancing in a trailer, where people lived.  Since, it resulted in infections where people even lost their lives.

Lady with a mission to stand for those that are vulnerable

Grace Rivera-Oven has a far sighted approach. She wanted to help in a large scale which necessitated her to open an organization namely UpCounty Hub, that works to erase the issue in northern Montgomery County. Additionally, their health, SNAP and rental assistance were best given and cared for, in terms of Covid testing, vaccinations, thermometers. In order to ensure hygiene, toilet papers and plastic dinnerware were distributed along with broadband access to ensure remote learning.

Keeping in mind the prosperity and care of Latino community along with others, it worked as a founding partner of Por Nuestra Salud y Bienestar. The distribution of food items continued as it distributed 1300 Easter baskets, by second Easter of pandemic.

Due to financial assistance within the country along with private donations and grants, over 30,000 pounds of foods including essentials is distributed to more than 1,300 households on weekly basis.

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