How to Write a Winning MBA Essay: An Ultimate Guide

Applying for an MBA program is difficult right now, and many are asking themselves and others why they should, when the world is changing so fast that most degree programs are already out of step with the market. Yes, this may be true for many masters programs and even PhD programs, but the MBA is not exactly an academic course – it is a great combination of practice and theory that dynamically changes depending on the market situation and the requirements for business administrators. But even if you are confident in your background and can clearly formulate goals for your MBA, it is not certain that you will be able to take part in the program. To increase your chances of getting accepted, we suggest you take a look at these tips and tricks on how to write a winning MBA essay. Of course, in fact, there can be much more of these tips, but these are the main ones that you should listen to in order to achieve your goal.

Before You Start Writing, Be Honest to Yourself

The MBA is a complex program and even if you get accepted there, you will need to allocate a huge amount of time to complete it. Remember that if you do not complete the MBA program where you were taken once, then the chances of getting into another good MBA program within the next 10 years will be minimal. So before starting the application process, please, think about whether you really have the time and energy to complete the program at the proper level.

Check on MBA Essay Topics from Previous Years

Every year, major business schools publish new questions for the MBA admission essays. But if you read them carefully, you will see that year after year they are repeated with little changes. Therefore, before the questions for this year appear, read the questions that were in previous years and start preparing. The sooner you start preparing for writing an essay, the better the document you will end up with. 

Brainstorm Each Question Separately

Don’t start answering a question that you thought was good until you’ve brainstormed all the questions one by one. That’s why we say to start as early as possible. Do not expect that writing an MBA essay is some kind of presentation that can be done in 2-3 days and get the right result. Pulling the all-nighter won’t help, because you have to do some pretty effective prep work before you sit down and start writing. And so when you brainstorm for each question separately, you will understand exactly which questions you will be able to answer best.

Answer ONLY the Question You Were Asked

Many applicants make the same mistake. They start answering all the questions at the same time and think if they include three answers to different questions in one essay, then their chances of being accepted into the MBA program will increase. The answer to the question should be only on the merits. It is better to answer only the question posed, but to do it as completely and versatilely as it is possible. Remember that your ability to follow the rules is also evaluated here, as this is very important for any top business administrator. Perhaps if it was some kind of creative competition, the rules would be different, but this is admission to the top of the school. 

Be Passionate But Not Too Emotional

Emotional stories work well when it comes to getting college scholarships. There you can just talk about your difficult childhood and how you want to help your family and about that. How your dreams matter. But when it comes to applying to an MBA program, you need to keep your head cool but still add some passion to what you write. Business success comes to those who can keep a cool head, but at the same time continue to move towards the goal without losing energy. Show that you can do it. When you write about your interests, how you work and plan to work in the future, be sure to show that not only the result is important to you. It is also significant how the people who work with you to achieve this result feel. Human touch is one of the top significant things when it comes to business administration.

Show Why Graduating from MBA Program is Important

Very often, people in their essays don’t answer why it is so essential for a person to be accepted into an MBA program and how it will change their career in business administration and leadership style. In many essays, the word MBA can be changed to masters or PhD and logic will not change. Therefore, in your essay, you must show that it is by entering the MBA that you can achieve your goals.

Delegate your Essay Writing if Needed

If you are not sure that you can write a paper on time and on your own, delegate MBA essays to experts who have experience in writing similar papers. We call these companies “write my essay” services that can do some magic when they are most needed. Rest assured that most of the candidates you compete against are doing the same, and your competitors will essentially be professional experts hired by other candidates, not the candidates themselves. Focus on the result, not on the process, and then you have every chance to definitely enter the chosen MBA program.

We hope that these tips have helped you with a successful admission to the MBA program this year, but be aware that many people apply for 3-4 years and therefore, if you enter this year, you will not succeed. Do not be discouraged, but simply analyze and take into account your mistakes and try to do it again next year. Unfortunately, even if you did not make a single mistake in your essay, there is still a chance that you will not enter this time. Just keep trying again and again and in the end, you will definitely succeed.

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