How To Report Your Child Missing In Prince George’s County, Maryland

When a child goes missing, there is no time to loose, which is why you will need to take action immediately. It is a fact that the longer the child is missing, the less likely of survival and recovery. The first step you should take, when reporting a missing child under the age of 18 is to dial 911. Once you get the attention of the local law enforcement agency, you will need to file a missing persons report.

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Once you complete the above steps, you need to contact a representative at the National Center for Missing & Exploited children (see phone number listed below). After notifying the Prince George’s County Police Department, you should begin searching inside the home, nearby vehicles, and exterior premises, anywhere a small child can hide discretely. It is important for officials to enter the name and identifying characteristics of the child involved, into the National Crime Information Center Missing Person File. If you are unsure, if this was done, just ask the police officer that files the missing person report.

The National Crime Center for Missing & Exploited Children will immediately create and circulate posters to assist in generating leads. Remember, every minute counts and everyone needs to get on board to find the missing child.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)

Prince George’s County Police Department

Child and Vulnerable Adults Unit                      301-772-4930
District 1 (Hyattsville Station)                             301-699-2630
District 2 (Bowie Station)                                     301-390-2100
District 3 (Palmer Park Station)                          301-772-4900
District 4 (Oxon Hill Station)                               301-749-4900
District 5 (Clinton Station)                                   301-856-3130
District 6 (Beltsville Station)                                301-937-0910

Maryland State Police (Forestville)                     301-568-8101
3500 Forestville Road
Forestville, Maryland 20747

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