How To Obtain Your Hunting License In Morningside, Maryland


The traditional hunting application has long since been gone. Nowadays, obtaining a hunting license is a breeze, plus the hunter does not even need to step one foot inside a courthouse or town hall. All interested parties have three different ways of obtaining a hunting license:

Maryland hunting license

  • Register By Phone – Call the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (see phone number below) and speak with a live operator, between the hours of 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM. This service is available 7 days a week/365 days a year and payment can be made by Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or electronic check. To use this service, applicant must have a valid email address. Hunting license will be sent to your email after payment is processed.
  • Register Online – Visit the Department of Natural Resources website (see link below). This service is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and the same payment options are accepted (see above). Once you complete the registration and payment is process (takes about 30 minutes), the license will be deemed valid until July 31, 2016.
  • Register By Mail – Applicant must print off the hunting license application (see link below), complete it, and mail it to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
  • Register In Person – You will need to register at one of the 250 licensed agents (see link below) located in your vicinity or your local DNR office (see link below).

Applicants that want to hunt deer during archery and muzzle-loader season must acquire an additional stamp. Applicants that want to hunt black bears, migratory game birds, and fur-bearer, will also need to acquire an additional stamp. Hunting legal mammals and game birds only require a full season hunting license.

Full Season Hunting License Fees (Residents Only)

  • Regular (between ages 16-64)            $24.50
  • Junior (under the age of 16)                  10.50
  • Senior (age 65 and up)                             5.00
  • Regulated Shooting Area                         6.00

Full Season Hunting License Fees (Nonresidents)

  • Regular (between ages 16-64)            $130.00
  • Junior (under the age of 16)                    32.50
  • Senior (age 65 and up)                             65.00

Short-Term Hunting License (Nonresidents)

  • Waterfowl & Small Game (3-day only)   $45.00

Stamp Fees (Residents Only)

  • Migratory Game Bird                                    $9.00
  • Federal Duck                                                   27.00
  • Archery or Bow                                                 6.00
  • Muzzle-loader                                                   6.00
  • Bonus Antlered Deer                                      10.00

Stamp Fees (Nonresidents)

  • Archery or Bow                                              $25.00
  • Muzzle-loader                                                   25.00
  • Bonus Antlered Deer                                       25.00
  • Federal Duck                                                     27.00
  • Migratory Game Bird                                        9.00

Additional Permit & License Fees (Residents Only)

  • Individual Fur Bearer                                      $5.00
  • Group Fur Bearer                                              10.00
  • Federal Managed Hunt                                    35.00
  • Regulated Shooting Area                                   6.00
  • Stationary Blind                                                 20.00
  • Snow Goose Conservation Order                      5.00
  • Retriever Training                                                5.00

Additional License Fees (Nonresidents)                      

  • Trapping                                                            $25.00

Land owners and agricultural land leaseholders do not require a hunting license, when hunting on that property. Also, children under the age of 16 years and active U.S. Armed Forces personnel on leave are not required to have a hunting license. To learn more, please visit the Maryland Department of Natural Resources website.

Maryland hunting license application:

Maryland DNR Licensing and Registration Service: 1-855-855-3906 or 410-260-8888

Maryland DNR website:

To find a list of the local licensed agents in Prince George’s County, Maryland, please click here.

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