How to find Telegram Channels

One of the most searched and enquired queries which people search online is “How to find Telegram channels”. Infact, the reason for telegram users to search for the query is that they have loads of associated chaos and confusion regarding the same. 

Let’s talk about brief history of Telegram, to begin with

It was in 2013 that Telegram was launched by Russian brothers namely Nikolai and Pavel Durov. The basic purpose of launching Telegram was to protect users from unnecessary influence as well as to safeguard them from governmental data requests. 

Telegram due to its unique properties stands out with a big difference when compared to other social media networks in terms of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc

The thing which makes Telegram apart from others is the fact that it deeply focuses itself on the aspect of speed and security. Additionally, it is quite electrifyingly fast, free and simple. What makes it different is how it can be used on series of different devices right at the same time, messages sync across wide group of platforms in terms of phones, tablets and computers.

Telegram is the reason why it has made things possible in terms of sending messages, videos, pictures and files with respect to any type be it doc, mp3 or zip. Additionally, it has made creation of group possible for up to 200,000 people which broadcasts to audience with no limit.

Telegram is the combination of SMS and email combined together. Furthermore, it is able to take due care of series of personal as well as business needs when it comes to messaging. Furthermore, this platform has the direct support of end-to-end encrypted voice calls. 

What is a Telegram channel?

It is indeed primarily important to know about “What is a Telegram channel?” It is a one-way messaging where Admins are entitled to post messages. Likewise, users are free to create and subscribe channels which can then be used for broadcasting messages to subscribers with no limits. 

Based on the preference of the user, anyone can join channels on Telegram as they are available publicly with an alias and permanent URL. Those who join are able to check the complete history. It is upto the users to join or leave at their free will. 

One can sign with the name of the channel or with the username of the admin, as the same entirely depends on the setting of the channel. 

With regards to the technical knowledge, non-admin users aren’t able to see those who have done the subscription to the channel. So, as a user if you don’t want to get notifications while receiving messages, then what you can do is to mute a channel, so you will receive messages, but certainly won’t be notified. 

Admins with the help of bots can permit anyone to post comments on Telegram channel with the assistance of bots.

The kind of difference between Telegram channels and groups

There are series of differences between channels and groups on Telegram. They may be confusing, but nevertheless, let’s know them:-

Telegram Groups

Telegram groups offer a perfect platform for sharing stuff with family and friends. The main essence of Telegram lies towards building and supporting small communities of up to 200,000 members. Based on the type and kind of group, anyone can be made public and includes the controlling feature regarding whether new members can have access to earlier messages or not and if it can be changed.  

Administrators can also be appointed with specific privileges so that important messages can be created at the top of screen. This will help new members to directly check the pinned messages, especially those who have recently joined. 

Telegram channels act as a perfect medium and tool to broadcast messages with respect to large audience. There are unlimited subscribers which a channel can potentially have. During the time of posting in a channel, the message is created with the channel’s photo and name. Each and every single message has a view counter, and one can see the updates, right at the time when the message is viewed.

Ways to find Telegram channels

Based on the level of interest which people have, channels are accordingly created which can range on various topics of interest in terms of cooking, cinema, football including others. Yes, these are some of the area of interests, which users want to get updates and regularly check out with. Channels can be private or public. If the channel is public, then people can easily access it through app. However, on the other hand, if the group is private, then there is an invitation which is sent for access by the member of the channel. 

How to find public channels on Telegram 

There are following three ways through which one can find a public channel, if it already exists

  • There is a search icon which you can find on top right corner of app, so click on it
  • Now, based on the level of search which you want to do, simply use a keyword of the type of thing you want to see and based on your search, several channels are going to appear with the bullhorn logo next to it. 
  • Now, based on the list you have got, you can simply tap on the desired channel

With a forwarded message

If the file has been sent by one user from certain channel to another, then if it is public, this means that the user can access the same. 

You need to simply:-

Search for the chat, where the file was forwarded

As you have done, simply tap above the file. The next message reads “Forwarded message from —-the message also mentions the name of the channel)”

As you click on the same, Telegram is going to redirect to the channel

Through bots and lists

If the channel’s name is unknown by the user, then based on the available information present in the directories, one can search for exact channel

Finding private channels on Telegram

When it comes to searching for the private channels, they don’t show up in the form of channel list or searches. Hence, one require other methods. One require a channel ID to enter. Therefore,  it is necessary to ask for the URL from the channel member.

Hence, one of the most searched queries regarding “How to find Telegram channels” is certainly not that difficult to say the least. 

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