How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Glen Scotia 15-year-old?


There remains nothing much to say when the discussion is about the Gods of whiskey distilleries themselves. The ‘Glen Scotia’! Glen Scotia has the finesse skill of manufacturing well-matured whiskies that have already taken over the single malt scotch world. Single malt whiskies are crafted at a single distillery and can be a well-blended combination of two or more malts.

Let’s take glen scotia 15 year old, like a perfectly crafted and matured single malt. Another important factor that adds to the whole taste and feel of whiskey is the glass chosen to drink it. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right glass for your glen scotia 15-year-old single malt.

The Structure of the Glass

Like all excellent spirits, quality whiskey should be able to breathe and stay available to the nose and tongue. As a result, the best Scotch glasses guarantee that the liquid is easy to swirl and not too secluded, but not at the canyon’s bottom.

Additionally, the glass’s structure and feel are frequently crucial to the sensory stimuli. The slender and curvy body of a Glencairn glass or small glass, for instance, improves snuffling abilities, among several other things. In a similar vein, you’ll like to ensure the glass has a round or concave mouth for easy drinking.

Characteristics of the Glass

The characteristics and the feel of the glass in the hands count a lot. A glass made well with good quality glass, and well-structured will always feel good and comfortable in hand. Apart from that, it will also give off a very nice look.

Type of Glass:

There are many different varieties of whiskey glassware to select from, such as the snifter, goblet, Glencairn, tulip-shaped glass, as well as a neat whisky glass. Derive the following whiskey glasses that suit you best, and start drinking like a pro. The following is a list of several varieties of whiskey glasses.

1. Tumbler glass:

Its silhouette is easily recognizable. This whiskey glass, also known as the rocks glass, old school glass, or the lowball, may well be found at any and every quality bar.

2.    Glencairn glass:

For whiskey trials, this is the most prevalent single malt glass. The broader cup, intended for moderate drinking, permits you to whirl your whisky with simplicity.

3.    Snifter:

This is a narrow glass with a broad vessel as well as a thin top.

4.    Tulip glass:

It is distinguished by its lengthy stem. This is a significant feature since it keeps the lubricants from the hand from contacting the glass’s edge, resulting in a more purified experience.

5.    Neat glass:

This is a relatively new set of whisky-drinking equipment. The Neat glass is designed to divert unpleasant toxic fumes away from the nostrils while allowing ethanol molecules to gently exit through the aperture, leaving behind those delicious flavors we’ve learned to adore.


Drinking whiskey is not all about its brand, flavor, effects, or how mature it is. A lot many factors count as well. Having the right glass is amongst the prevalent factors. If you have the right glass, it sings to add up to the vibe.

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