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How Much Health Insurance Cost in Dubai?

Are you moving to Dubai permanently or traveling for vacation? When planning for your time in the United Arab Emirates, it is vital to consider access to healthcare. Regardless of the time, you will be spending at the place, it is critical to understand the different plans available and what it will cost you to take an insurance cover in Dubai. Read on to know more about access to healthcare in the Gulf country.

An Overview  of the healthcare system

The infrastructure and services in Dubai are well organized. It is why you will find people from all across the globe visiting the country to access the expertise. The modernized facilities can handle different kinds of conditions with highly trained professionals undertaking the procedures. Whether you consider government or privately owned facilities, you can be sure of getting the ultimate care. 

On the other hand, it is mandatory to have health insurance within UAE. Therefore, it is essential to take the travel medical insurance Dubai when traveling to the city. Apart from the need to comply with the rules, the plan help covers you when you fall sick or get injuries while on a trip. The cover is essential during the ongoingCOVID19 pandemic as it will ensure you have peace of mind throughout the duration. You do not have to worry about the expenses or spend a lot of money getting healthcare services. On the contrary, you pay minimal fees for the cover compared to what you would if you pay from the pocket.

The Cost of health insurance in Dubai

The cost of accessing healthcare services in Dubai can be exorbitant. However, the charges are in line with the kind of services you will receive at the hospital. You will need to get the DHA approved medical insurance companies to offer the cover if you do not have the benefits. Consider a plan that covers you and your immediate family members. It will be much cheaper than taking one for each person in the family.

Different companies will offer other plans for a special price. So, it is essential to compare the pricing and what the company provides when deciding on what is a suitable option. The annual average cost of getting a comprehensive insurance cover is between 2700 USD to 3000 USD. It will cover the family for the entire period. At the same time, when moving as an expat, you can pay about 1500 USD for the period. The plans are premium and rise to a cumulative of 9000USD for a family with four individuals.

On the other hand, the prices of getting a standard insurance cover for the same family size reduces drastically. The annual charges will be slightly above the 4500 USD mark for a family of four. Taking the premium cover with someone you are dating will cost 9800 USD every year. Although the costs may seem high compared to other destinations, the level of medical expertise in Dubai is better than in most places around the world. You can be sure to get what you pay for.

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In the next section, we will look into the benefits and what you get for the insurance cover;

What to Expect

Taking insurance in Dubai means that the policyholder can get treatment from different facilities without having to pay with cash. The insurance company will give you a card with the number to process the payments for services offered. The service providers will liaise with the insurer for payments, and the patient does not have to do anything more.

Since there are different plans available, consider one that will cover the treatment until full recovery. The best option should pay the costs during the treatment and the monitoring phase to ensure a full recovery. It will not be ideal to pay for subsequent doctor consultations. Therefore, get the comprehensive cover for the entire treatment program.

The insurance cover will handle the expenses when facing several conditions and requiring an ambulance for transportation to the hospital. It will pay for the expenses from the house to the facility and back if need be. If there is hospitalization, the plan will cover the room you get. The cost will depend on the space and facility you go to.

Additionally, when a year passes without claiming with the insurance company, they will probably give you a discount on the next payment. Alternatively, the firm can increase the amount they can cover you in the subsequent period. 


There are numerous medical procedures that facilities in Dubai offer. You will find more facilities owned by private entities than government ones. However, all offer high standards in their services. The most significant services that health tourists seek are dental, cosmetic, and fertility procedures in the Gulf country. Other services include dermatology and orthopedics, among others. It is beneficial to ask about the treatment options that the insurance company covers in their plans.  

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