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How He Paved the path for Online Payment Solutions in Acquisition International – Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet Explains!

The CEO,  Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet has been doing really well as a global leading provider of online payment solutions. The firm has been known for multi-currency merchant services. It has also gained huge recognition as a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. Recently, the CEO was featured in an issue of Acquisition International. The CEO has done quite a lot not just in the business sector but at the same time, his contributions are remarkable in the society as well. Recently, Allied Wallet was awarded as Customized Payment Solutions Provider of the year. It truly deserves the award and certainly the CEO has made the company and his team worth all of it.

Allied Wallet making its recognition all across the world

Acquisition International has always been recognized for identifying raw talents across the globe and thus, put them forward before the mass so that they are able to know more about how things are! and honors the most successful companies in the world, rewarding success and achievement. Each month they release their own publication detailing the latest news in business and corporate finance. This issue was recently featured in an exclusive interview with the CEO Andy Khawaja. The content was published in an article entitled as the, “Leading the Way in Online Payment Processing.” 

The CEO Andy Khawaja, is also recognized as the ‘messiah of e-commerce.’ Besides, the Acquisition International refers to him in his article. The content also mentioned that the CEO has built his business right from the ground. Also, the company was known for specializing in security and global payment processing. It has gained so much popularity that more than 100 million users all over the world have been using it now. It was really difficult for him to grow his business. Besides, the CEO Andy Khawaja, also met his fair share of adversity throughout the journey. 

Allied Wallet’s journey in growing so big!

Andy Khawaja said that he has learnt one thing in his life and that is, you tend to work harder as you get rejected. Also, you should never give up, and keep hoping for the better things to happen. Besides, we should have faith on ourselves, and keep working on our dreams. Andy Khawaja had to overcome all those obstacles in order to make sure that he is able to serve more than 190 countries all across the globe. Besides, he had survived an industry-low fraud rate of 0.02%. Also, Allied Wallet made it a point to protect business owners with the state-of-the-art fraud protection provision of his digital payment system and thus, took care of the security of transactions. The CEO Andy Khawaja also mentioned that they have been mastering the art of global processing so as to change the future of transactions. He further said, “There’s a need to protect consumers all over the world.”

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