How drones and bees can ascertain the whereabouts of landmines

morningsidemaryland News : Bees are known for creating a collective workforce and one of the most common virtues of them is the capabilities of detecting bombs.

Yes, they have the power and sense to detect the explosives right through antennae. 

It is this aspect which have necessitated the researchers in Croatia to work for years towards creating sophistication in this aspect. 

However, there are hurdles for the researches in determining and ascertaining the exact movement of the bees. Hence, in order to understand and determine their exact movement, the aspect of tracking their movement is met through using drones. 

Yes, as part of a collective effort, a team from Croatia, Bosnia and Heregovina have come up with an idea to track and ascertain the movement of bees where drones will give the updates. 

The unnamed aerial vehicles will hover around, while tracking the movements as the whole visuals will be clear while closely analyzing through computers.  Yes, this process works in the most diligent manner to understand the possible existence of landmines in the underground. 

Landmines have created havoc with the lives of peoples for decades, they still pose a serious concern for the inhabitants. Since, many landmines were laid during the Balkans wars in 1990s and there are many which are currently still very much active. 

The news is much more serious, if one goes by the approx numbers of landmines which are there as it is expected around 80,000 if one considers in Bosnia and Herzegovina while considering Croatia, the figure is expected to reach 30,000.

The use of technology can aid in the process of clearing the whole aspect of removing the landmines from the areas, so as to ensure a healthy and promising future for the generations who don’t have to live amidst the fear anymore. 

The reason for not including humans towards tracking the possibilities of the landmines is primarily the associated dangers, and hence the significance of drones have become the most obvious substitute which can create an effective way out of the existence of the deadly weapons hidden underground. 

The bees in the quest of finding food tend to cluster near the places where mines are laid underground and their prime reason for doing the same is to find the food from within.

Although, the efforts were nothing new, as they have been in force for years, however through taking help of computer in visually judging the movement of the bees for locating the mines is something which has been realized of late. 

The whole process is not very easy, as the drones aren’t able to capture the movements of bees very clearly. However, there  is still a chance of optimism due to the past proven records of checking the movements and then relating to the possibilities of landmines, as per the overall movements. The researchers made use of specific machine learning algorithms especially as it became difficult to distinguish synthetic bees with real bees. However, with the desired changes, it start to work for good, as later on there has been 80% accuracy in the way detecting the digital bees was done. 

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