How do you convert a Word document to a PDF document?

It is very easy to convert the file to a Pdf document. or convert word to pdf free There are many users who don’t know the process of how to convert the word to PDF document. Especially for them, this article is very useful. Moreover, the PDF file is something safe as compared to the word file. That means no one can easily copy the data from the PDF file without permission whereas the word file is easy to copy. That is the reason users prefer PDF file documents.

Here are the instructions given below for the conversion of Word to PDF.

  • First of all, open your laptop or desktop.

  • Tap on the Microsoft Office Button.
  • Click on the Save As, then the option is visible for making the file PDF or XPS.
  • Tap on PDF.
  • In the file name select the type of document which is required that is PDF.
  • In the Save As menu click on the PDF.
  • Now your file successfully saves as a PDF document.

Therefore, these are the simple steps to follow and make the PDF document. I hope this article will help you to make the conversion of the file with ease.

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