High on the Hog Season 2

High on the Hog Season 2: Everything We Know So Far About It

High on the Hog season 2 is finally here! High on the Hog season 1 was a hit with viewers and High on the Hog producers alike. Season 2 will be bigger, better, and more fun than ever before. But what things can we expect to see in High on the Hog season 2? Here are some questions answered by producer Amy Davis:

What changes did you make for High on the Hog season two? “We made sure that all of our pigs were free-range, antibiotic-free, GMO-free. We also added a farm to get more pigs.”

What is the release date of High on the Hog season 2?

Netflix announced on August 10, that they will have a new season of “High on the Hog.” The producers KarisJagger and FabienneToback said, “The next chapter has many more beautiful untold histories.” “Numerous people reached out to ask us if there would be more, and we are incredibly excited that Netflix has agreed to another season. The best is yet to come.”

People who like the show are probably wondering when it will start. It’s not yet clear when or what day it will be on. We don’t even know when they are shooting the show! The first season of this show took a long time to film. It was filmed from fall 2019-early 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic. Netflix waited another year before putting it on TV in May 2021. The first season of “High on the Hog” was a success. It is hard to imagine that Netflix will not release Season 2 soon. They might start filming it later this year and into next year as well. Maybe we can expect Season 2 in 2022?

What is the plot of High on the Hog season 2?

“High on the Hog” is a show that is about food and travel. It is also a history show. In Season 1, it was in Benin, Africa at the place where slaves were shipped to America. The final episode shows a celebration in Texas, for Juneteenth. It was when all enslaved people learned they were free from 1865.

High On The Hog Season 2: Release Date, Episodes, And More - What We Know  So Far
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In Season 1 of “High on the Hog,” the episode’s track with the first half of the book inspired it. The executive producer says that in Season 2, they will probably base it on part two of Dr. Jessica Harris’s 2011 book. This book talks about the Great Migration from the South to the West, black entrepreneurs, and civil rights. These topics may come up in Season 2 of “High on the Hog.” The New York Times said that the second season may also include how COVID-19 affected race and the restaurant industry.

Who will be the host?

Stephen Satterfield is coming back for Season 2 of “High on the Hog.” He posted about it on his Instagram account.

High on the Hog is Satterfield’s first television gig. You can read more about his history here. Satterfield is a sommelier with a social conscience. In 2007, he started a nonprofit to support Black-owned wineries in South Africa. In 2017, he launched a magazine called Whetstone. This is a way to tell people about food. The magazine was for a time the only one in the US that told stories from Black people. People from 80 countries have now been able to write about food because of this magazine. Satterfield wants to have more diverse voices in “High on the Hog.” So it is a good choice for his career.

Netflix gave the black creators of the show what they needed: space. The result was that the show came out wonderful. You should give black people space to create. He said: “Whoever owns the power owns the story. … ‘High on the Hog’ is a good way to tell people about your story.”

What was in the first season?

The first episode starts in Benin in West Africa with Satterfield and Harris tracing many of the American culinary roots. Later episodes bring us to America where we see how macaroni & cheese came about. We also explore the cost of rice in America.

What will the next season cover?

It has just been announced that the creators of the show are going to keep making this show. We can’t be sure yet, but we know that they want to continue it. We also know that they hope to amplify and empower black culture through food. The television show about Harris will probably be about the second half of his book and may include the effects of the coronavirus.

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