Griffin’s Loving Care Assisted Living License Revoked After State Investigation


Maryland state regulators moved forward to revoke the license of Griffin’s Loving Care Assisted Living facility in Lansdowne. The center was ordered closed on March 10 after state investigators discovered 16 residents residing there, even though it was only licensed for four beds.

Dione Griffin, owner and operator of the center, appealed the suspension by the state and a hearing is set for June 12. A revocation of the nursing home facility license would mean permanent closure.


Griffin's Loving Care Assisted Living Licensed Revoked

Last month, the state’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene filed new documents in the case which included a “notice of intent” to revoke the license. The state claims Griffin is “not capable of providing residents with proper and adequate assisted living service”, while also outlining details of more alleged violations that placed “all residents at imminent risk of harm.”

With the appeal hearing scheduled for next month, Griffin has not filed any documents nor did she appear at an April 28 hearing held by the state health department on the appeal of the initial emergency suspension of the facility’s license.

A relative of a resident at the facility notified the state’s Office of Health Care Quality. On March 9, state investigators visited the facility on Clyde Avenue. Upon arrival, the investigators discovered 11 residents between the ages of 50 to 95 – two residents were locked in a room with no bathroom – that were locked on the second floor of the building and no staff present. The facility was found to employ insufficient staff to meet the residents’ 24-hour needs and develop a staffing plan to provide required services.

According to the state’s documents, the residents told state investigators that they were often left alone and locked in. Only bread and Diet Pepsi were available to the residents, who complained to investigators of thirst and hunger.

The facility being locked prohibited the residents from being able to escape the building in the event of an emergency or fire. The facility also failed to perform tuberculosis screenings and one resident claimed to have drunk water out of a bathroom sink.

After the March 9 inspection, all the residents were moved to other assisted living facilities.

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  1. If convicted says that both mother and daughter each will get 50 years. I TRULY HOPE THAT THERE WILL BE A CONVICTION, INCARCERATION THAT IS AND 50+YEARS. Basically they were taking monies for this so- called business that they call loving care. Do they even know the true meaning of love. Not at all. Their meaning of loving is GREED.Each and every one of the residents family members should file legalities, suit, sue their assess, I am. Besides do people stop even to think about consequences or kharma even. First off should they and I do pray that they will get the 50 yrs and some, and when they do they will not be treatef well at all, nd wherever they are confined, I dp hope that they come here to this Correctional Facility, for certain I will treat them like trash crap, the pieces of shit that they are. And should Dion’s mom get to go into an assisted home just know she will get the same if not worse treatment. Again what I know is that if that garbage comes here they will.

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