Greenbelt police officer charged with prostitution offense

As per the reports from the authorities, a police officer from Greenbelt, Maryland, was charged with violating the prostitution laws of the state. The police department said that officer Albert Murray was serving a criminal summons for the offense on Thursday by the Prince George’s county police. The police department was committed to transparency at every level, wherein they continued to cooperate with the Prince George’s County Police Department’s investigation. Richard Bowers, the police chief of the county, further confirmed this.
The Greenbelt police department stated that these actions are reflective of the men and women and will not reflect our standards in any way. The date and exact charges for the alleged offense are not set clearly by the police yet! The police have started to conduct an internal affairs investigation into the case. Prince George’s County police had charged Murray as the sex trafficking investigation unit had received a report on Thursday. There was prostitution that occurred at the Suites in Camp Sotings and the Hampton Inn. The hotel manager had even told a detective about the heavy foot traffic in the hotel room. In the incident, several men were waiting in the lobby when they suddenly received a call. Finally, they went to the room and left from there in just 15-30 minutes.

The Greenbelt police department incident report

A Greenbelt police department cruiser pulled into the Hampton inn and suite parking lot. A man who was later identified as Murray emerged from the vehicle. He was wearing a light gray sweatpant alongside a dark gray hoodie. He was seen going up to the hotel elevator and then waiting outside the hotel room till a woman directed him to the room. Next, around 11.34 AM, he drove away in the police cruiser. Later, the woman he met in the hotel room was detained and interviewed. She said that she had posted an ad against which Murray asked for her rate, to which she had asked him to come to the hotel’s address. They even had sex, and he paid her 160$ via cash and cash app.

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