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Grace And Frankie: Season Seven Will Come Or Not

Are you looking for Grace and Frankie Season 7 episodes? If so, Netflix is the place to go! Grace and Frankie Season 7 featured 4 episodes in the year 2019. The seventh season is the final season, as announced by the producers of Grace and Frankie. But the sudden termination of the series in 2019 made the audience think that there’s a Season 8 in the making.

The fans of the show speculated that the series met an abrupt, anti-climax ending because of lead members Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s age. If the show will push through for another season, will it be without one of its cast members?

But the reality is that the filming for the ongoing season was interrupted due to Covid 19 pandemic around the world.

Until 2022 arrives, there’s no confirmed date yet on when the next installment of Grace and Frankie Season 8 is scheduled to air.

What is Grace and Frankie Series All About?

Grace and Frankie are two women who were once total strangers and turned into best friends after their husbands left them for each other.

Grace’s husband and Frankie’s husband announced one day that they were in love with each other. After they both divorced their spouses, they found themselves living together in the same apartment, which is where the show takes place. The comedy follows these two characters as they navigate life after divorce with hilarious results.

 Who are the stars of the Comedy Series?

Grace and Frankie is an American comedy streaming television series that was created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris. The show stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Grace Hanson (Fonda), and Frankie Bergstein (Tomlin). The series follows these two women in their seventies who are forced to live with each other after a divorce. Grace is married to Robert “Bobby” Altman (played by Martin Sheen), while Frankie’s husband is Sol (played by Sam Waterston).

 Why Did the Series End Up with Only 4 episodes?

The installment of season 7, Grace and Frankie, was announced to come out on March 24, but there are only four episodes. The audience has been able to enjoy the series for seven seasons, with around 13 episodes each season which can be a lot if you binge-watch them all at once! But this time, it is different from what we have watched before!

Is Grace and Frankie season 7 coming to Netflix in 2021?
Source: Netflix

The series was terminated with just 4 episodes. Season 7 of the series is planned to be the final season of Grace and Frankie.

Netflix has not given any explanation for this decision yet, but according to some of the rumors, it is because they are working on shows that can attract a larger audience or, most probably, the common reason, the global pandemic. There will definitely be more episodes to season 7, but it is possible that they may be released at the beginning of 2022.

The Grace and Frankie fans are disappointed with this decision but also want to see more seasons because there can still be some stories left that should have been told! We do not know what Netflix has planned for Grace and Frankie Season Seven, so we will just wait.

 Will We See Grace and Frankie Again?

The series was announced to have 16 episodes this season, but when the Grace and Frankie Season Seven release date was finally announced, only four episodes were available. The first episode of Grace and Frankie Season Seven aired on May 8th, 2020, while the last one came out in January 2020.

Netflix has released a total number of 4 episodes for season seven; however, fans are curious about what really happened to Grace & Frankie!

The sources have not confirmed the beginning of the shooting of Grace and Frankie Season Seven again, but the Grace & Frankie fans are hopeful for more.

The news came out by Fonda saying, “I’m getting excited that we’ll start filming Grace and Frankie again tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed having to learn my lines for my scenes tomorrow and Tuesday. I won’t mind having to get up at 4:30 am.”

All we have to do is wait for more Grace and Frankie Season Seven updates. Meanwhile, you can check out the Grace & Frankie season six and the fresh 4 episodes of season 7.

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