Governor Larry Hogan Describes Maryland’s State Flag As “A Symbol Of Unity And Pride”


Red Maryland, a conservative media outlet, launched an online petition that calls on residents to support Maryland’s flag, which they say is under attack. In a response to the petition, Governor Larry Hogan took to Facebook, defending the flag.

He wrote: “Not only is the Maryland state flag a symbol of unity and pride, but it is also the most beautiful and most recognized state flag in America. You can rest assured that it will never be changed as long as I’m governor.”

Maryland State Flag

The Baltimore City County voted unanimously to immediately remove four confederate monuments after a Charlottesville, Virginia white nationalist rally turned deadly earlier this month. The monuments were removed overnight, a move that was supported by Mayor Catherine Pugh.

Hogan linked to Red Maryland’s petition, which has more than 52,000 supporters, on his Facebook page.

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  1. The Crossland portion is inferior to the yellow and black Union Checker

    When flying the Maryland State Flag everyday you represent this country’s abolishment of the evil institution of slavery.

    It could be said that it is the only official representation, on a State flag that not only vanquished evil, but reconciled with the evil doers that that level of abhorant behavior will no longer be tolerated.

    Leave the flag alone as a symbol of victory of evil and compassion for our countrymen

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