Goucher College Expansion Calls For The Relocation Of Three Dorms

Goucher College will preserve and relocate three of its 1950s-era dorms as part of a $23.5 million project to make room for the “first-year student village.” Whiting-Turner Contracting and Wolfe House & Building Movers will oversee the relocation project, which will cost the institute $7.6 million.

The Froelicher Residence Hall is comprised of three buildings, including the Tuttle, Gallagher and Alcock houses, all of which will be moved 800 feet across the Goucher College campus. Forty construction workers have spent the past few weeks separating the building, in preparation for the move that is scheduled to begin later this week.The buildings will be utilized for general student housing once they are relocated. Moving the buildings, along with the furniture and accessories, is a tedious and slow process, rolling at a rate of approximately 100 feet per hour.

The first-year student village is designed on “principles of behavioral science” and will house 266 students. They will feature a demonstration kitchen, modern student lounges and dance studio. The expected completion date of the project is fall 2018.

The Alcock House, a 1,136-ton building, will be the first of three buildings to be moved. Goucher officials hope to have the project finished by the time the students return in August.

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